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Taking Cues From /6Ez (UPDATE deux)

Right now it looks like shit. I’m too busy to put charts in my post. Pull up an intra-day. It needs to find support soon to get this market really moving. If euro dollars find support and rip through $1.34 we’ll have ourselves a bona fide cocaine gorilla rampage into the close.

IF /6E stabilizes and begins ramping up during lunch, I’ll get my ADS position on. ADS has pulled back after getting jiggy this morning.

Back to work.

Update: Euro dollar continues its downward trot and appears unlikely to confirm the upward direction in equities. I will hold off any further purchasing until pricing of the euro dollar improves.

Update II (deux): Market squeezed higher at the end of the day and recaptured some key price levels while shrugging off the price action in the Euro. Tomorrow could get interesting if we see some constructive pricing in the /6E this evening in Globex.

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Buy The Open

I shed the SKF hedge Friday and that has me excited this morning as the financials are soaring premarket. My current longs; AWK, GSVC, RGLD, WFM will appreciate on the open, sure.

But my demand is pent up. I want more stocks. I’ve wanted them for weeks. They looked “on sale” last week, but weren’t catching a bid. Now we’re gapping up strong, and it may be short lived, but coin can be made.

I will watch the open for cues, and watch for any pullback and how it’s treated. I don’t want to be a criminal in the eyes of the law (J.C. non Christian). On my wish list are the following stocks:

LULU (selling dope off the iPhone), ADS (hundred dollar roll), WFM (MORE), BWLD (R/C fav)

Are you buying today? Is it a suckers bet? I sure would appreciate any commentary.


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Shed The Hedge

Sold my SKFs this morning. The financials are behaving like they know something. Maybe it’s my plush belly full of food or perhaps being in the 6th inning of a major bender, but things look rosy this morning.

I will revisit the SKF post bounce. Because we’re going to bounce, squeeze, pump, and MORE!

It’s black Friday and shits on sale.

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Bad Trade

I initiated a buy on PII on Friday with expectation of some bounce this week. Then I clamored all weekend sifting twitter and internets and came to an uneasy consensus, too many people are looking for a bounce. Shit.

Monday PII pulled a nice turnaround putting down a big mario brothers hammer throw. It looked like buyers we responsive to the sale price. Today I cut the trade. Small trade, small loss, moving on and not making it an investment.

Still like RGLD, added a piece.

Still like WFM, but I want to buy it for $62 dorrah.

SKF is still hanging out in the port with GSVC and AWK and a pile of cabbage.

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Selective Ignorance

Looking over my port, things could be worst. My PII purchase was ill timed and I took a quick 5% haircut. If the PII doesn’t get its act together come tomorrow it’s gone and will serve as a pie to the face. In this market, it’s death by a 1000 paper cuts when you’re marauding into and out of stocks all fast and savvy unless you cut out the bad habit trades. Hit yourself with the newspaper, bad dog.

RGLD is coming into my sweet zone and I will be adding some today or tomorrow.

I choose the path of selective ignorance, and will at the least play for a mean reversion and at the most look for some coked up mystery bid into Christmas. Hope baby, hope.

Whatever, I want to own some stocks. AWK pays a sweet coupon and I’ve owned it all year. Maybe it’s boring for you to read about but nice for a stable few percentage points as shits not swinging well. I feel the same way about PAYX. The management team appears solid, and they’re letting companies outsource their bullshit HR departments. If you buy these stocks on discount (like now “ish” in PAYX case) then you collect a coupon and hopefully don’t get whacked by any capital depreciation.

The SKF is shoring up the butt-fuckery of PII and GSVC.

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We Go Higher, Yes? (UPDATE)

I dumped the SDS hedge I put on Tuesday. It was some nice insurance and now I want to let my longs stretch their legs.

I want RGLD a tad cheaper, around $75 bucks, to get some more. Gold topping articles coming out again, I LOL.

WFM I wanted more of around $64 bucks, but the prospects are growing dim, and the stock is beginning to bore me. I may cut it.

I want some BWLD and I’m considering collecting the coupon on PAYX.

May a turkey adorn the tables of you and your family.

UPDATE: Bought PII. Looks nice:

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Put Some SDS On

Euro dollar weakening, VIX holding 30, and I chased a little RGLD, which is fine considering my first buying tranche was swing low and my average cost is high $67’s.

I still want some $62 WFM. I won’t hold my SDS into next week unless things get ugly.

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Traffic Jam

Truth be told, I drive too fucking much.   Fact: daily commutes damage the psyche.  However, I used to be a chauffeur and find a certain ‘sport’ in navigating a familiar route.   Trends emerge.  A left curve on the highway may be harmless at lunchtime but leads to hysteria come six.  You see it 700 days in a row but your route stays unchanged.  I toil the nuances in my brain and feverishly use all sensory inputs, analyzing collective overreactions, damning civil engineers, and listening to music with egregious beats per minute.  In the end I get to point B.  So do you.  But did you stop to consider brake light contagion spreading into an otherwise clear lane?

In my case it is clear daily commutes have no adverse effects to the human psyche.

RGLD sits on the precipice of a lovely pullback.  I want more RGLD.  I want that shit on a belt buckle, RGLD in Old English.  I want to hold out for $75 and I still think the following volume cave deems necessary some back and fill action:

But I may have no choice but to buy more.  The fucking turkey is already in the freezer.  Magic 105.1 is blasting out holy X-mas jams by J.Beebs.  And buyers sopped up lower prices today with their poisonous exploding can biscuits.  Are you listening to pagan Christmas music yet?



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.9999 Pure RGLD

RGLD keeps running like a beast.  We all want a pullback.  I initiated my position October 4th, a.k.a. swing low sweet mother fucking chariot.  The buyer’s sharp rejection of a high volume node and a distinct hallway encounter lead to the purchase.  I immediately reported my dip into Mr. Gint’s well as any humble guest would:


I marked up the below chart with what I see as price points to gobble up some RGLD and I hope to see these prices before the great feast.  Click the chart to enlarge and read my tiny but witty yellow font commentary:

Also, I drew a rectangle on a chart earlier today explaining where I want to buy more WFM.  Here are my additional thoughts:

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No Thanksgiving Rally for WFM

WFM’s grocery aisles are humming with activity as preparations begin for the upcoming mass Thanksgiving consumption, but the stock price is still too rich.  It needs to be reduced.

I want more shares, and I will look for buyers to show interest as noted on the following chart:






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