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Le Fly Has Made Passive Investing Great Again

Investing doesn’t get much more simple than what I am about to show you.

Le Fly, the architect behind Exodus, owner of time machine, iBC founder, and Space Alien Magician literally hand picks 15 stocks every six months.  He seeks growth, gentlemen, at a reasonable price.  Inside Exodus the portfolio is called GARP.

Year-to-date performance of the GARP index is a tad below 13% and if you use Motif (no affiliation just a great tool) you literally had to press 2 buttons this entire year to make said gains.



The bulk of my ‘stock picking’ money was moved into a Motif account and relegated to the GARP portfolio after I swore off individual stocks.  This allowed me to pursue industry and hone my NASDAQ futures game.  I trade NASDAQ futures quite aggressively, in short spurts, which suits my attention span and cat-like speed.

Current conditions are top notch for taking 6, 9, 21 points home every day.  If I had to babysit a handful of stocks, my performance would suffer.

Le Fly, or Senor Tropicana as he’s known in the Bermuda triangle, had the foresight in June to adjust GARP for a transition into MAGA.  The result?  The index is sailing into year-end on the breeze of winship.

You may be asking yourself why you ever traded stocks.  The environment is tumultuous and everything seems to do the opposite of what you think.  Maybe this isn’t the case for you, but for me individual stock trading, on a short-term time frame, does not work.  However, outsourcing the R&D to someone with a decade more experience then myself and using his algorithms to time my adds does.

In short, long live GARP, long live Exodus, long live Le Fly.


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NASDAQ Futures Pare Back Sunday Gains To Start Week in The Red

NASDAQ futures are coming into Monday gap down after an overnight session featuring elevated range on normal volume.  Price worked up beyond the area defended by sellers last Thursday before selling off.  Since then price has held above the Friday midpoint.

The economic calendar is light this week.  Today the only scheduled events come at 11:30am when the US Treasury auctions off both 3- and 6-month T-bills.

Last week was extremely active, starting out with a big gap up and two day rally before the US elections.  Voting results may have triggered a massive sell-off Tuesday evening, but price managed to regain most of the losses before the open of trade Wednesday.  Then, for the rest of the week all indices except the NASDAQ rallied.  The NASDAQ sold off Thursday and came into balance Friday.

Here are the performances of each major index last week:


Heading into today my primary expectation is for sellers to take out overnight low 4733.50 and test below last Friday’s low 4706.  Look for responsive buyers down at 4700 and two way trade to ensue.

Hypo 2 buyers work the overnight gap fill up to 4749.25 and up to 4765.50 before two way trade ensues.

Hypo 3 strong buyers work gap fill up to 4749.25 then take out overnight high 4784.50 triggering a short squeeze up to 4807.25 before two way trade ensues.



Volume profiles, gaps, and measured moves:


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Post Election Research Complete: Death To The Hoarder; Long Live Industry

Greetings from inside the machine.  I am happy to report all weekly maintenance has been completed and the learning machines inside Exodus are running smoothly.

You may not know this, but my work to produce Exodus Strategy Session also includes a series of internal audits to ensure all index and sector data is clean and accurate.  It’s the human touch that keeps robots running well.  As you transition into a robot overlord position, you will learn all about keeping their cold mechanical hearts pumping.

Model readings are neutral heading into the first full week under Premier President-elect Trump.  Last week was an emotional mess.  People who cannot comport themselves and behave with the steely logic of an opportunist and speculator are fucking up, and producing wholesale opportunities along the way.

One of the most interesting observations from this week’s Strategy Session is Industry Performance.  It tells a story this week of industrious people preparing to build great companies for our nation, while the hoarder of shiny metals was pigeonholed into their doomsday shelter:


Meanwhile, there are so many moving parts and potential disruptions from our election, MASSIVE opportunities to disrupt archaic industries and make lots of money, and people are distracted.  They are taking their eye off the ball.  Don’t be like them, shut down the social media feeds and get to work.  TODAY, while the Christians are resting and the bumpkins are droning away with their American football.

Exodus members, the 105th Edition of Exodus Strategy Session is live.  There is a really good quote from George Soros, one of the most successful financial speculators of all-time.  Also, new members, if you want a live-demo with yours truly, shoot an email to [email protected] Send me TWO TIMES where you could spend 30 minutes on the phone and I do my best to confirm.


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Tesla Will Thrive Under President-elect Trump

Writer’s note: I am long TSLA and think Elon Musk (all Praise and Glory to The Leader) is a deity roaming the earth who will attain immortality and roam outer space.

Popular belief is often wrong.  With investing, the ‘obvious’ outcome is often flipped on its head.  Like selling off because Hillary Clinton, Wall Street’s candidate, lost.  It was an after hours blip, a modest gap down the following day, and subsequent rally.

One of the popular themes now is that alternative energy companies will be destroyed as Trump ushers in an era of coal and oil, casting a pea soup haze into the air of the United States.  And while he’s at it, Tesla will falter and its shares will collapse.

What people aren’t realizing is Elon (all Praise and Glory to The Leader) is the type of CEO who wakes up every day and does his job.  He doesn’t throw emo fits and blast out company-wide emails that alienate his workforce and customer base.  He puts on his big boy pants and builds electric cars.  And rockets.  And solar roofs.

It doesn’t matter what’s happening in Washington.  He’s a Hank Rearden reincarnate, without the selfish Ayn Rand hue.  And his constant innovation will result in products coming to market that people want AND which make sense economically.

Right now, the stock is trading at the low-end of its well-established range.  As good a place to invest in the most innovative company in the world as ever:


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Energy Transfer Partners Heading Lower After Protestors Reportedly Halt Dakota Access Pipeline Machinery

Shares of Energy Transfer Partners are coming under pressure Friday after reports protesters have halted the pipeline company’s bastard excavation machinery.

On Wednesday ETP surged higher on renewed conviction the soulless executives would succeed in their campaign to cut gas pipes into the Missouri river with Trump set to take the Presidential helm.

While it’s unlikely anyone will succeed in ultimately thwarting Evil Corp’s campaign to pipe gas down to southern Illinois, the worst state in the republic, investors may see today’s halting of excavation equipment as a sign of things to come.

Perhaps all the machinery will be rendered useless with the help of Mark Ruffalo (good actor) and his fellow Avenger buddies.

With any luck, the spirit of our country’s natives will continue to stifle the oppressive scoops and shovels of Energy Transfer Partners, forcing them to abandon their risky project.

When the next company swoops in like a vulture to pick up where ETP left off, will also need to be eliminated, corrected by native Americans who are fighting to preserve the postage stamp of land they’ve been corralled onto.


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NASDAQ Attempts To Make A New Low Overnight, Fails

NASDAQ futures are coming into Friday gap down after an overnight session featuring extreme range on elevated volume.  Price worked lower overnight, down near the weekly low before bidders stepped in and worked price back to the topside of Thursday’s lower quadrant.

The economic calendar is slow today.  At 10am we have the preliminary November reading of U. of Michigan confidence and at 1pm the Baker Hughes rig count.

Yesterday we printed a normal variation down.  After a gap up and open auction, a strong selling drive pushed into the market and took price to a new low for the week before a strong responsive bid stepped in.  The daily mid acted as a wall toward the end of the day, thwarting any attempts at an afternoon ramp higher.

Heading into today my primary expectation is for buyers to work into the overnight inventory and close the gap up to 4743.  Price takes out overnight high 4745.75, then look for responsive sellers up at 4750 and two way trade to ensue.

Hypo 2 sellers work down though overnight low 4681.75.  Look for responsive buyers down at 4664 and two way trade to ensue.

Hypo 3 strong sellers push down through overnight low 4681.75 and work down to target the weekly gap at 4657.75 before two way trade ensues.

Hypo 4 strong buyers press up to 4800 then 4834.25 before two way trade ensues.



Volume profiles, gaps, and measured moves:


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Diplomacy: Russia Claims They Were in Touch With Trump Political Team During Election

Our Premier President-elect is establishing healthy communication channels with our comrades in Russia, it seems.

The bedraggled team at Reuters is reporting that Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov and other Russian officials were in communication with Trump’s people:

There were contacts,” Interfax cited Ryabkov as saying. “We are doing this and have been doing this during the election campaign.”

Such contacts would continue, he added, saying the Russian government knew and had been in touch with many of Trump’s closest allies. He did not name names.

“Obviously, we know most of the people from his (Trump’s)entourage. Those people have always been in the limelight in the United States and have occupied high-ranking positions,” he said.

“I cannot say that all of them, but quite a few have been staying in touch with Russian representatives.”

Moscow was just beginning to consider how to go about setting up more formal channels to communicate with the future Trump administration, said Ryabkov.

This is a most pleasant development, to see our country extending an olive branch to Moscow and easing global concerns over a second cold war.

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NASDAQ Transportation Index Screaming Higher

Inside the Exodus Strategy Session we keep the NASDAQ transportation index under close watch.

The index broke up and out of its massive consolidation pattern in early October.  For many weeks the expectation has been for price to begin an explosive upward discovery process.  Instead the index continually churned sideways–neither negating the consolidation break nor producing the expected upside move.

However these last three sessions have seen prices exploding higher.  This is contextually bullish for the overall market:


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The FANG Trade Is Being Dismantled

Under President-elect Trump the globalist agenda of Google, Facebook, and Amazon will come under pressure.

Netflix not so much.

Nonetheless, these four stocks, members of the elite Wall Street FANG brigade, are trading sharply lower during early trade Thursday as investors rush to abandon the tech giants.


Meanwhile the GARP portfolio, the semi-annually adjusted passive investment built by The Fly inside Exodus is performing swimmingly.  The June adjustment positioned the growth at a reasonable price book in anticipation of a Trump victory.


A clear rotation is underway, out of extremely expensive internet stocks and into domestic basic material plays. Position accordingly.


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