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The Great Reshuffling is underway

Firstoff ho ho ho and a very merry christmas to you all. Thank you for bearing with me through 2022 whilst I soft retired to a life of extreme toil. When they said it was time to build I took that quite seriously. Being of Italian descent, my efforts went towards cement, gardens and structures. I’ve nearly rounded the bend on several of my largest projects and now I am overseeing the physical movement of nine humans into four different places.

It was time for the elders to downsize. Most of you young chaps don’t realize this, being young and full of energy, but these olds man…the longer they exist the more difficult rudimentary tasks such as laundry or leaving the bed become. Stairs are killers. Especially when the rise and run are harsh, the decking slick and the width—narrow. I’m helping momma and poppa Raul transition into a nice sprawling ranch with zero elevation changes. This ought to keep them kicking for another forty years or so.

A dear old friend of mine met his end over the summer, far too young, and his elders had a similar, far-too-many stairs set up. They too, with my help, are being transitioned into a single-story place of their own along with their daughter and her family.

I have pro movers for all the big stuff, but by golly do folks struggle with purging and organizing. That is where I come in. I am ‘THE PURGOORRR.” My decades as an accountant and deep understanding of Aristotelian organization allow me to quickly rifle through discombobulated shit piles and sort and purge. So I do this, and then I pack it up and shuffle it about.

I’ve commissioned a twenty foot U-Haul for the week. It will be my daily driver, as I shuffle these organized bins all around the metro area.

All this to say, my faithful and honest readers, that there will be no research this week. If I am not dead come next Sunday, I will put some together heading into the new year.

Once all these people are situated, I will go to work reassembling my office so I can trade. I know the flight attendents say to secure your own mask before attempting to help others, but in this instance, I am doing it the other way around. I simply cannot acheive the peace and clarity I need for high stakes futures trading knowing people I care dearly about are struggling in their day-to-day.

I am incredibly grateful for the secular bull market that ran from oh about 2015 to November 2021 and for all the wealth I amassed during it. To be in a position to take a gap year and also sort out these matters without feeling the pressure of fucking bankers and their monthly out-facing palms has been a real blessing.

A special thank you to Elon Musk. His ability to defy the masses and make Tesla a great success changed my life. Then there was the epic bitcoin run. Something that may never happen again in my lifetime.

Going forward, my moonshot play is ethereum (eventually, right now the chart looks like shit) and the Pudgy Penguins who live on that chain.

But my top stocks picks heading into 2023, stocks that are certain to be mundane but outperform this bastard market are FedEx, Walmart and Berkshire Hathaway. In that order.

Okay for now.

Happy New Year in advance.

Raul Santos, December 26th 2022

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