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Can’t get a good read // staying on the sidelines

It could be all this moderna juice dribbling throughout my blood system or it could be that I took Claratin-D at 7pm and had a meth-head insomnia session filled with twitter addiction and soil research. Or it could be that we have a pretty big gap up just a touch below all-time highs but within the prior day (double distribution trend down) range. That is a tricky set up.

But all these powers combined tell me I’d better not trade today. I’m old, lads, nearly 36, and in my many years a’speculating I’ve become inclined to know when the cards are stacked against me.

The humongous gains my accounts made yesterday in the wide world of decentralized finance sent me on a hubris climb. Now my prop is roaring away, screaming really, but my ship is not gaining any more altitude.

She needs to stall, dip down, gain some speed and right her course. My psyche that is.

So I’m going to take it real easy like. Maybe head up to the local diner, flash my vaccine passport, then sip coffee whilst watching the news teevee. Then idk probably poke around in the garden for a bit. Take a nap. Bake some bread and then read some Joan Didion. I live a life of wealth and class and leisure.

Trade-em well lads. Here are my screens heading into today, for whatever that is worth:

Raul Santos, April 15th 2021

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