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No trading report // headed to CVS for my second vaccine

There is not much for me to do with the NASDAQ up at these levels, and I have several matters to attend to today not the least of which is having the second Moderna inoculation, therefore I shall not be trading or posting a trading report today.

The reason I have opted into the vaccine program is simple—I seek out and engage any opportunity to signal my virtue over the smooth-brained conservatards who suck down pound-after-pound of bird meat while typing their greasy-fingered delusions onto the internet. Solar panels. Organic gardens. LGBQT fund raisers. Bill Gates. Electric cars. The New York Times. Big Tech stocks. Science. And so on.

I intend to carry a laminated vaccine card and brandish it readily to every single clerk, doorman, barkeep, stranger, hobo, to let them know I am a care bear who goes with the swirls. Vibin’ for the sake of vibin and signaling we’re all going to be FINE.

Whether or not someone else chooses to vaccinate, I couldn’t care less. My life is one of privilege. Where I’m surrounded by folks with a lot of class who don’t walk around with rude’tudes. Little oases of culture in a city on the verge of anarchy. The only time I really deal with macho shit heads is at hardware stores and driving between the oasises (oasisseas?).

Drugs are a big part of my life. Experimentation is important to the evolutionary process. Modifying my RNA is the most exciting test since taking a heroic dose of LSD at a masquerade.

Mushrooms show you what you need to see. If you have demons in your psyche, messed up things you’ve done as a mortal, well, you gone be confronted by them. Can you show mercy and be compassionate and forgiving? Nice. Maybe expand that energy to others. And everyone. When you’re ready.  Now if you’ve been frolicking around the secret enchanted broccoli forests, healing birds and shit, well, the mushrooms are going to open your eyes to the entire universe because they’re diggin’ your vibe man.

I try so heckin’ hard not to stoop to the level of these paranoid hicks still flying ten Trump flags on their 10-acer lawns.

“mY goVeneRs aN idIot”

If you spot it. You got it.

I do better in the city. Isolation of the “Police Lives Matter” crowd into bum towns way out on the outer fringes of rural America, where they can festoon their trash around the lawn and fly special flags in peace is sufficient punishment for these wannabe Vic Mackeys. Their leader is banished.  That 70-something fat man full of hamburgers and hate was excommunicated from the world of policy. The ethos of hate is fragmented and scattered, alone and without a signal. Like wickies in a broken lighthouse, desperately seeking ways to rekindle their Handmaid’s Tale flame. And us city folk are listening to James Brown, eating the best cuisine in the world, doing our yoga stretches all naked in hot rooms, and rave dancing until the birds start singing.

What’s next?

Weed—federally legal. Universal basic income—inevitable. Jobs in accounting, transportation, and more—automated away. Graduates of higher learning institutions—debt erased.

Wake up or be relegated to the boon sticks by the woke.

Now I am off for my apex predator breakfast—COFFEE.


Dinner—Moderna#2 with a side salad.

Raul Santos, April 14th 2021

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