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Way too happy to trade

I dunno. I might not trade for the next few weeks.

First of all winter is finally here. It took long enough. Second I am due to travel over to Lake Tahoe on Wednesday and there just so happens to be some big snow hitting the mountain/lake region.

You must realize, there has been very little snow in the Sierras this year and yet, just maybe, we’ve timed our trip perfectly to have some powder days. I am elated.

I’ll also be meeting my new young nephew, son of our China correspondent, ROBERTO BREGANTE, whilst west…and the prospects of all these events has me in far to good of a mood to potentially sully it trading futures.

You see lads, there are events and people who mean far more to me than economic gain. Two of those things are family and powder days. Put them in the same place and well…good luck putting me to work.

I think finding a passion for something real and tangible can go great lengths in making you a better investors and trader. Gives you perspective and clarity on why you do all these silly things you do to extract fiat american dollars.

The pageantry around transitioning power away from the mean old man to the friendly old man doesn’t even move my meter. However, the women around me seem to be in better spirits and that’s always nice.  Maybe soon they will be up for something daring—like a long night in a cold warehouse drinking hooch while it snows and big speakers wale out metronomic beats for hours on end.

We don’t know.

For now I am content that snow is coming and I am due to ride it with the people who mean the world to me.

Ciao for now.

Raul Santos, January 22nd, 2021

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