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Thoughts after the first week of 2021

There is nothing for me to do this morning in the NASDAQ futures, therefore I will not trade.

So far the ’20s feature an economy so robust (and nobody wants to admit it because we want more stimmi checks) that locking down has done NOTHING to stop the invisible hand. We are expanding so rapidly, in all directions.

There are not enough houses for everyone. More are being built.

There is not enough bitcoin or equity available. Their prices rise.

Anyone willing to work can find work instantly. There is this whole gig economy, thanks to our Big Tech leaders, that serves as an effective safety net for anyone who is out of conventional work or has overspent and needs to shore up their budget.

Everyone on finance twitter is obsessed with bitcoin and tesla. So many jack offs with three letter acronyms after their names find it necessary to lecture on selling telsa and bitcoin. Taking profits. Which is fine and all. But they can kindly go fuck themselves. Especially the ones who have missed this entire move. Even if they’re not jealous, coming off as pretentious is never looked back on with reverence.

Let’s say Tesla drops -40% next week. What then? These honorable cowards then retweet themselves? I’ve had folks telling me to sell Tesla since before the split. Which is fine. I’m glad I became a hardened speculator before their feeble minded trepidation could infect my mind. I know a generational opportunity and any external influence attempting to sway me will be met with a concrete wall aka my dense fucking state.

I do not seek your admiration. I never have. My stated purpose is to extract as much fiat american from the global financial complex as possible. That’s it. By doing so publicly, perhaps my efforts will empower others to take control of their financial destiny. I’d like to see financial service bros completely vanish, replaced by robots, but this is beyond my control, so I dunna really care to push on that initiative.

In my 15 or so years of being active in this community I’ve been told countless times that how I want to trade cannot be done or that what I believe to be true is wrong. When I started blogging, tweeting as an eager to learn 20 year old, I thought shoot…some veteran out there will show me the ropes and make me into a fine trader. Nope. It’s just been me against the machine the whole heckin’ time. I’ve met some decent lads. Real kind folks like The Fly and Ragin Cajun and others, and their interactions have been a blessing. Still, I had to come up with my own approach and show up every day to dial it in. There was no teacher. This is a learning environment. Not a teaching one.

In other words. We don’t know. We don’t know where Tesla will top out. If bitcoin will go to 100k. We don’t know. When the stock market will correct. We dunna kin.

The nice thing is…it doesn’t matter. Just take it one day at a time. Like a jolly alcoholic.

If you make a plan ( a plan can be as simple as five or six written rules) and then trade real money and then reflect on your results, eventually you’ll become a competent investor or trader. By the way these are two different things. Make no mistake. Investors are not traders and vice versa.

The next generational investment is already upon us. It’s psychedelics. Figure out how to gain decent exposure for now and wait for a clear Daddy Elon to emerge in the space. Then go all in invested in that Daddy Elon. Then think. And fast. And Wait.

It is not Paul Stamets. He’s not sexy enough. But he’s about the closest thing. Wait for someone sexier to emerge, hopefully a woman, and then gain as much investing exposure to them as they’ll allow for.

Either you construct some discipline around your work or it will be someone else’s job to do so. You either create work for others or have work created for you. Me, I don’t like to work but I really don’t like being told what to do. Raul is a hard one to manage. Even for Raul.

Raul Santos, January 8th 2021

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