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Off to poke around in the dirt

Not even the jobs numbers could put a wiggle in the futures and when we’re up at record highs there isn’t much I can do to extract fiat using my approach. Instead I will pen this brief blog entry, interact with Stocklabs for a bit then sequester myself to the laboring fields.

When busy pruning trees or cooking or exercising or whatever, it is much more difficult to do something low value like force a trade on for the sake of keeping busy. Idle hands are soon occupied by rabid jackin’ off or taking big lugs of hooch, or trading YOLO calls. Anything for a kick in this otherwise dull pandemic existence.

Three hours is about the max amount of time I can sit, disciplined, at the turrets of Mothership, which are always greased and loaded and ready to fire seventy thousand shots at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Then my mind wanders. To hoagies. Fast women. Building water features. You know, stuff like that.

And I sense my mind is already someplace adrift. Therefore, before I do anything I’d later come to regret, like my ongoing twitter rants against the lock down, I’ll just excuse myself and wish you all adieu.

Cheers lads. Stay woke. People creepin’. Back Sunday with an in depth weekly research report.

Raul Santos, December 4th, 2020

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