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No trading report, HAPPY THANKSGIVING

I just started my morning rituals. Checking economic events. Pre-market movement from tera cap stocks. A brief scan of Twitter. Splitting the market profiles and annotating key price levels etc etc…and I decided to pass on this session.

Too much jammed into the first few hours. Everyone’s trying to wrap up and head out so you know what? I’mma head out now.

Cheers lads. I am humbled by your interactions and the time you spend reading all the thoughts I type into this here blog. All the Fleets and Tweets and Insta stories. You guys have kept me accountable to my research in a way I may not have been able to achieve on my own.

It is very american to think you have to go at everything alone. The lone ranger, taking on insurmountable odds with a few lucky twists of fate. It is ingrained into our culture. Into our story telling. Our pop culture lore.

The truth is while I fight like hell to make a few scratches on the earth that say, “Raul had True Freedom” as a fierce independent, there is a whole team of people behind the scenes. Some working directly with me. Others doing their own hustle but doing it consistently enough that they’re almost always ready to help. Like my homie Eric at the nearby hardware store, my dear friend Dean who keeps the fluids maintained in my work van, the crazy Albanian who makes a damn fine veggie skillet, Elder Raul and all his wisdom. The list really is endless and spans across the whole country. Then there’s all the products I can cue up with a few thumb swipes at Amazon that just magically appear at the entry port of Mothership. Google. My life is in Google’s hands.

Daddy Elon and Humble Jack for making me a modest fortune this year.

There is a literal army of help that powers my independence.

You guys through, the readers and fellow speculators, you’re the most swarthy bunch of all right folks I have the honor of corresponding with.

Cheers, and Happy Thanksgiving.

May the celebration roasts retain their moisture and bring you vigor and health.


Raul Santos, November 25th 2020


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  1. John DiProspero

    Have a good holiday Vincenzo.

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  2. indexjoe

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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