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All models insist on pressing long bets

Make no mistake, any position bought in the stock market or cypto land with the intent of being sold in less than 10 years is a gamble. It is gambling and if you do not take it seriously then it is at best an expensive hobby. There will be little flashes of glory, but those will be overshadowed by the long and bleak cloud of degradation and waste. Most of the waste will accrue in the form of time. The time you wasted losing your money, when you could have just set up the slow cooker then gone about more better money making affairs, man.

I dunno what you, the reader, what your purpose is. Mine is to extract as many fiat american dollars out of the global financial complex as possible. Said funds are then to be converted into real assets like land and cement and elaborate plumbing. Greenhouses and irrigation and means of production that cannot be stripped from me. My willingness to work hard cannot be taken. Only if my flesh and bones wither and my body is rendered lame. Only then will these real assets lose their luster.

That is why, beyond building now while I am extremely strong of constitution, my purpose is to automate as many tasks as possible or otherwise build them so effectively that an 85 year old with a bad back and hip can maintain them without undue suffering.

Me I like to suffer to a certain extent. I seek pain and discomfort. All forms. Mental and physical. I am a student of discomfort and the information it carries.

Goodness, another Humble Raul aside has been typed. It is a wonder anyone reads this derelict blog.

Anyhow, every model that helps me decide when and how to gamble is telling me to press my longs for at least five more days. And that is how I build my entire strategy. From the top down then from the bottom up then from the top down again.

On Sunday I do my best to forecast the next five trading days. Every morning I do my best to envision the next few hours. Every time I enter a trade I do my best to define my targets, when the trade would be proven wrong and whether the reward for assuming such risk justifies my SPENDING TIME taking it.

I work too hardt but you know what? The harder I work the more opportunity just seems to appear. There is nothing to envy here. No hustle porn even. Just consistent work.

You don’t want to work? That is fine too. I don’t want to work. I am all about Universal Basic Income. I’d sit around all day building fountains and waterfalls and listening to the sounds they make.

But for now we live in a fake capitalism and the path of least resistance is to out work your competition when you are of stronger constitution then them so you can sit back and spend your time writing and building fountains when you’re old and weak of flesh.

I am going to die soon but for now I work.

Raul Santos, August 9th 2020

Exodus members, I really loaded this week’s strategy session, the 298th edition. I think I’d be a good idea to check it out.

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  1. purdy

    Universal Basic Income has a flaw ..the only way it is sustainable is if people who take it agree to have themselves sterilized so that the species does not devolve into a bunch of free-lunch-at-the-expense-of-one’s-neighborites.

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    • Raul3

      I’d imagine you’d rather our government spend all its money on what? I dunno, something inbred. Banjo parades.

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