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Nature loses again, don’t be against humans

Last week I wrote a doomsday piece, citing all the ways nature is playing a flexible defense against man. It was an entertainment of sorts, to fit with IndexModel signalling bunker buster into the holiday shortened week. Truthfully, I do not like selling stocks or hedging with a degenerate triple leverage inverse ETF or whatever. I don’t mind short selling index futures for a few minutes or hours, but multi-day bets against the stock market are not my thing.

It doesn’t suit me.

I like people. I am so freaking bullish on the economy it annoys my friends and associates. All the time people are heaping bad news upon my person, pointing to this-or-that current event as justification for their surly disposition. Negativity. Sofa king contagious.

2020 has been my year. I have been preparing for this big round calendar year for many years now….calling for a period of economic prosperity the likes of which no living human has ever seen. It is happening. Semiconductors and automation and firms like Amazon are driving the change.

So what if climate change has us on a high speed train towards earthly extinction? Elon is building us a rocket ship off this lovely blue rock. You feel me? There are too many good people, people like Jack Dorsey, working on projects that will liberate and save man from its own nature. You cannot bet against humans, man.

But the system is the system is the system and by golly, if IndexModel calls for the short I take the heckin’ short. Then I come here, to public forum, and write a doomsday piece.

It’s that simple.

I hope, though I often doubt it when I see what type of “finance” personalities win the internet popularity contests, that even when my trades lose money, that I help you guys sharpen your own trading skills. That’s all I want. By sharing my research publicly, the goal is to keep accountability to my research and help cultivate a community or tribe or whatever of people having a healthy conversation about extracting fiat dollars out of the global equity complex.

I am not here to sell anyone diddly dick—not a chat room, or an alert service or any of that tips for trades bull shit. Fuck all of those busker acts. Information ought to be freely available.

YouTube has saved my ass so many times because someone, somewhere put up a video on how to fix this-or-that. The information was just out there, for free. All I had to do was properly query the Google.

That’s what it is all about. Building cool stuff like the Google to make brief mortal existences a little more chill.

All that said, and with Telsa trading at a cool 1,200 heading into the first full week of July, I am again bullish. So is IndexModel. Trade accordingly and cheers to your week.

Raul Santos, July 5th 2020

Exodus members, there is a note on this week’s strategy session regarding Bunker Buster. This has been a valuable signal, albeit a bit tricky to execute. Be sure to read my latest thoughts on it.


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