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Fire away

I needed to file my research before the day became any nicer. Otherwise I might start tearing the paint off of the office walls, and it is a lovely shade of blue. That would be a shame.

A gun fight broke out just in front of my good friend’s urban development last night. Bunch’a’loons in Hellcat street racers shooting at each other from the car windows. The heat is coming, the wild grass and dandelions are growing tall and the histamines are swelling people’s brains, causing a fever-like mania of erratic behavior. If only people took their allergy pills or maybe a toot of Flonase in each barrel, maybe we’d get along better.

Or better yet eliminate all this heckin’ grass everywhere. Grass. So useless unless you need it for sports drills or livestock. I am sofa king allergic to grass.

Anyhow the research is done and I need to go outside. The back yard is setting up pretty epic this season, and with just a bit more love Mothership could rival installations by the queen Martha Stewart.

King tut peas, Japanese purple corn with pink ribbon leaves, cucumbits, titan sunflowers known to grow 15-feet high, poppy blooms from orange to bloody pink. Russian sage. The waterfall, oh the waterfall.

This is my World Series. Nobody does garden design like Humble Raul. Y’all think I just slay NASDAQ futures for two hours then spend the rest of the day jackin’ off? With both hands? No sir, I work. Idle hands are trouble they just want to beat it and smoke drugs.

My hedonistic energies must be channeled or everyone will suffer. This wolf is best behaved when fully depleted physically and mentally by night fall. Otherwise the local towns folk are at risk.

Models are bullish, on all accords. Fire away. These may be the final days of this wonderful v-shaped bounce. What could go wrong pressing longs into month end?

Raul Santos, May 24th 2020

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