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Back bullish again

Any caution expressed last week has been thoroughly rinsed off after updating my research early this morning. I am back to being bullish and need to put my money back to work asap.

A couple things happened last week at the House of Raul. I bit off more than I prefer to chew, labor-wise, and as a result I was worked into a lather and for no damn great reason except a few thousand fiat american dollars. It set me back on my own work and was distracting and by golly I worked clean into Sunday night finishing tasks I accepted, tasks for other people’s benefit.


The other thing that happened was I was so heckin’ busy I didn’t even have the mental endurance to cue up Exodus for five minute in the evening and see what the algos are up to.

Error. Not fine.

Any performance going forward from this will inevitably be worse. It is just the nature of things. I accept this.

One thing I’ve learned in my eight years freed from the shackles of W2 corporate servitude is that if I do not do something it will not be done. It is my conviction that many an adult american don’t have the huevos to live like this—they prefer to have some insurmountable authority that they can pile their angst onto, should something not go right. It’s a low friction way to bullshit yourself into complacency.

If I did not wake up two hours earlier than I normally prefer to on this critical Monday, then the research I need in order to trade would not be done, ergo I could not trade this week.

Again, this is not fine. Opportunity is running high.

So that’s it. Models are updated an bullish on all fronts. I have to allocate some of my long-term capital that was shuffled into cash last Monday as well as position my swing account long. I am a bit late to the rally. Such is life when you’re distracted. Nobody here is out to do any favors.

Watch for Walmart earnings out Tuesday to give a pure proxy on the U.S. economy. All those employment and GDP data coming out of the government are useless. Walmart is America. Walmart will tell the story.

Back to work.

I will be back around 9am with a morning NASDAQ trading report.

Raul Santos, May 18th 2020

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