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Hoppy Easter, models forecasting a drop in volatility

Cheers everyone. Not much to write about. OPEC countries reached a deal on production cuts but it fell short of the production cut needed to align with demand. At least that is what the popular entertainment news sources are telling me.

As an oil man I seek information for more novel places like Amazon Flex. Amazon will pay anyone in Metro Detroit $72 fiat american dollars today to spend three hours of their Easter throwing caution to the wind to go deliver packages from their personal driver.

Easter has me feeling grateful. I slept until 10am then I heated my entire house up to 81 degrees with the furnace, a fire and a space heater and did two hours of hatha-style yoga. Then a made a nice marinara sauce and brought some to my dear old parents whist waving to them through the window. I came back here, did my research work, now I am going to boil some gluten-free noodles, saute some mushrooms and have a feast.

All systems I track point to bullish behavior and a drop in volatility in the upcoming week. I could see that happening, catch everyone off guard with a drift and spend the next few weeks burning the theta out of any overzealous option bets.

As always, I will be taking it one day at a time. Writing morning trading plans that upload around 9am New York time that outline exactly how I intend to trade the few hours around opening bell. Then I will occasionally tweet updates throughout the day.

All long positions have been added to and remain in tact.

May your Obama money come soon, and may it bring joy to your family.

Happy Easter lads,

Raul Santos, April 12th, 2020

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