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We do not own anything

This morning I was strolling around one of my favorite neighborhoods in Detroit—savoring the stillness of Sunday morning, admiring the charming urban decay that resides mere blocks away from million dollar estates—and it reminded that none of us truly own land. This particular neighborhood has maple trees that are well over 300 years old. If any living thing were the true owners of said land it would be them. We are merely the keepers, tending to them, shaping them to suit our vision.

That got me to thinking about other things we think we own, shares in immortal entities like Alphabet, Inc (Google parent). All part of the grande illusion I suppose…a system our brains have been trained onto through the use of coinage at one point, coinage now represented as numbers on servers at banks and elsewhere.

It is all enough to make us way out of touch with the real world. The earth. Our decaying bodies.  Then there is this linear concept of time we can so self-righteously perceive. What is time if not just another human earthling perception? Einstein proved time to be a arbitrary human construct with his theory of relativity. But the reality is time is some thing real, and of all the things we don’t own, it is the thing we borrow the least amount of.

Which is why we ought to seek out ways to use our borrowed time to progress ourselves and the society around us.  Will we only leave messy, burnt out, half-assed, half-completed projects in our wake?  Or will there be something tangible for the next humans to build upon and thrive?

And in the meantime are we L-I-V-I-N’?  I have written before that the two most natural human states are resting and making love. Someone countered that “fight or flight” is just as natural.  I disagree.  It may be necessary at times, like in an unprovoked wild animal attack, but human interaction only triggers this necessary response if being in or encountering another living thing in a state of disease. Being diseased (dis-eased) is the symptom of something anything but natural—most often symptoms that arise when humans lose touch with the real world.  Saying fantastic things like ‘it was the will of the gods’ and other nonsense. So while fight-or-flight is innate, and sure…natural, it is nowhere near as natural as making love or sitting still.

Then why am I working right now?  This is my intellectual state.  Is it natural?  Not really.  This inquisitive behavior sort of flickers up when I need to put on my modern living hat and earn fiat American dollars. I like to think we are awakening from these illusions of necessity, these generally accepted social constructs, and in a fragmented sort of way we’re all trying to find our way back to reality. I work enough to participate in the fate of humanity, to progress alongside it as I see fit.

As long as I exist I will strive to help people break free from working more than they sleep or have sex. As for having enough coins to keep bankers from taking my work spaces away, the ones I borrow for now, tending to and improving upon, I will earn just enough fiat American dollars to keep those diseased mongrels away.

Models remain bullish into the second week of the final month of the decade.

RAUL SANTOS, December 8th, 2019

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