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Just when things were calming down

Volatility was tapering off these last two weeks, what with everyone busied by the transition out of summer, back to school, and then the Labored day rest Monday for all the lazy Americans.  The gambling halls over in Chicago were placing 80% odds of another 25 basis point rate cut this upcoming Wednesday and the football sport is back live.

Then late Saturday news starts to come onto Twitter that half of Saudi Arabia’s oil production was halted by a drone attack.  And now everyone is tuned in to see the way this news will hit prices, of all assets, come 6pm New York when futures open for trade.

For my part, I did the usual Sunday routine, albeit a bit later in the day due to travel.  I counted and judged price charts and volume stuff and compiled the input into IndexModel.  It spit out a bullish reading.  Now I am going to relax and prepare my yard for the large shipment of stones coming as part of Phase II of the Mothership Grass Elimination Program.  Then maybe I will do some light reading then make to go to sleep.

Then I will wake up, assess the NASDAQ 100 with a morning report, then begin trading some time around 8:30-9am-or-so.

You see none of this really matters.  Yes, everything is delicately interconnected but the market is the market and the order flow is the order flow—-everything I need to see is shown by the auction on the NASDAQ 100.  If I want to look deeper the only thing that matters are NASDAQ 100 internals.  Oil is not mattering so much.  The Fed rate cut is not mattering so much, despite being the most careless Fed policy of my lifetime.  American football does not matter, a distracting game to keep the masses sedated and punching the time clock.

All that matters is extracting fiat american dollars from the global financial complex and converting said dollars into land and machinery as far north and at as high an altitude as our constitution allows.  Said land will be fitted with as many wind turbines and solar panels as possible, all of which serve to charge the batteries of all the machines.  Any excess fiat dollars will be stored in Bitcoin for future negotiations over pirated energy from…pirates and privateers.

Nothing else matters.

Trust is at an all-time low.

Raul Santos, September 15th, 2019

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