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Quick update on Tesla

I don’t have much time.  This week, like the past several weeks, is being truncated by weekend plans.  I am headed north a-gain, but this time by cycle.  For some disturbing reason humble Raul agreed to a 100 mile biking expedition up into the Murder Mitten.  Do not ask me why I thought this was a good idea.  I have not ridden a bike cycle in more than six years after giving up on the triathlon circuit.

You see, at some point, I forget the exact age, you enter the bracket where you are racing against something like 25-35 year olds.  In the racing community, these are not sane people.  They neglect their families, their jobs, even their health in the name of racing.  They pump themselves full of the latest stimulants and sit around all day eating boiled chickens.  They were unbeatable, and why the hell should I be doing triathlon races if I know I cannot win?

I only do things expecting to win, which is why I trade the open auction as often as possible in the NASDAQ.  Open gap in range?  Come to mamma.

MOVING ON, because time is limited….

I have kept very quiet about Tesla for most of 2019.  In April of 2018 I posted this chart:

It was based on a simple auction theory mechanism, the FAILED AUCTION.  It is the same theory that caused me to become bullish on the NASDAQ transportation index two weekends ago, this note is from the September 1st Exodus Strategy Session:

While most of you run around, hounding online gurus for their opinion on the state of the markets or whether to sell some stupid stock you opted to buy, I am over here, exercising contempt for all things NOISE (cough, cough, Trump tweets) and keeping my attention on the auction.  The result?  I’m regularly ‘proven right’ by the stock market.

Wild, I know.

BUT RETURNING TO TESLA.  For the love of all things DADDY, if you cannot see that Tesla is the top investable company publicly traded, I am not sure what more I can tell you.  Investing is not about fucking price/sales ratios or cash flows—it isn’t.  Think more along the lines of mega churches.  Investing is about FAITH.  Anyone who says otherwise is a liar.  Nobody, I repeat NOBODY knows what the world will look like in three years.  It takes faith.  I choose to have faith in a company that believes in a better Earth, and a leader who is pragmatic enough to realize humans as a collective are trash and unlikely to change their ways—a leader who is laying the groundwork for our children to evacuate Spaceship Earth once it is totally destroyed by wanton meat factories and gasoline combustion.

Let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that their is no human effect on climate change, that all the science being proven and repeated all around the world that shows humans having a major effect on climate change is all bullshit propaganda.  Would it be so terrible to live a life that improved the ecology of earth for all its inhabitants?

The answer is a clear no.  And in living a more compassionate lifestyle while investing in solar panels and electric cars and not consuming animal flesh not only will you save the planet, but you will also virtue signal.  This will make you rise above your peers in the competition for breeding with the finest genetic mates.

This should make it very clear to you, the reader, why Tesla could be the largest investment holding you own.  And don’t give me that passive index investing bull shit.  Americans in general are over diversified.  They can all expect to produce mundane returns and live mundane lives.  Fine.  I am from the school of thought that life is about being sexy and doing cool stuff.

If you are a risk averse person who simply wants a home, two cars and 2.5 children, by all means, index your little heart away.  I am out for much, much, more and I’ll fight like hell to get it.

Tesla and Twitter are my largest concentrated investments by quite a bit.  Neither shall be sold or even considered for sale until TSLA is a 1,000 print and MAYBE TWTR back at all-time-highs.  Maybe.

There you have it.  This blog has not wavered on its conviction in Tesla.  This long-term investment is akin to Christians believing that Jesus Christ was the son of God, and that he will sheppard his people into heaven.  Elon is my Daddy.  The Leader Is Good, The Leader Is Great!

Raul Santos, September 11th, 2019


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