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100% odds of a Fed rate cut, the greatest illusion ever, still bullish

Strategy session is complete.  Models are updated and bullish. I have a grasp on what could move the markets in the upcoming week.

Apple reports earnings Tuesday after-market-close.  They are an organization I still respectfully monitor, especially they’re product events and earnings calls, both which move the NASDAQ.

The Federal Reserve is hard to respect, but I do, just like the U.S. government.  The grande illusion.  What a pathetic attempt to remain in power, truly.  The gambling halls in Chicago, aka the Mercantile Exchange, are currently placing odds at 100% for a rate cut this Wednesday.  80% odds of a 25 basis points cut.  20% odds of 50 basis points.

Meanwhile there is more real estate development happening now then there was pre-Great Recession, the stock market is at all-time highs, and you know, things are just all around way too strong but hey, yeah cut rates.

We need to hike rates.  The devil knows that juggernaut of bleak corporate existence in downtown Detroit, where they HEY, they gamify the lives of thousands of sad humans who are anchored to auto-dialers for 6-7 days of selling mortgages, SELL THOSE DEATH CONTRACTS, fuck all of them, we know they’re doing better than ever.  Selling a lie of the American Dream.

Thank you for reading my rant.

None of it matters.

Because bless the hearts and minds of these crypto-anarchists they’ve done it lads.  They’ve actually come up with a way to derail this whole notion of nation states and corporate surveillance.  There is not much to do now.  Play the game, accumulate fiat cash and convert it as quickly as you can into land that won’t wash away with climate change, solar panels and wind wheels, and crypto currency.  The whole shit house will be up in flames again soon enough.

Anyways the Fed is the Fed, a political arm like any other.  Goodness do I miss Janet Yellen.

That’s all I have to say on this final July Sunday.  Now I must return to building a wall to keep these mortgage jockeys off my lawn.

RAUL SANTOS, July 28th, 2019

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