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Independence Day vibe is bullish and lazy

I have been slacking on my market research routines and this is not something I want to get into the habit of doing.  The Sunday research I began 241 weeks ago elevated my trading.  The morning trading reports have always been my rock, even in the most uncertain times.

This week starts with a Monday the first day of a new quarter.  That means I will be making an adjustment to the quant system I run using Exodus and Motif.  Then I will likely be taking the rest of the week easy.

I’ve been all around this great big world and there are few places more enjoyable than Michigan these next few weeks.  It is real hot, not that California pleasant heat but real, oppressive temperatures.  There are freshwater rivers and lakes everywhere.  Spirits are high.  Therefore as important as it is to not become lazy with my research, I can also avoid error by simply not trading.

The market will still be here when I dial back in, just like it was here long before and will be here long after.  Cheers to free market capitalism.  It is the only ethos worth acknowledging.

Now I must be going, a good friend’s birthing day party is about to kick off at a nearby swimming pool.

ciao ciao and kiss kiss

-Raul Santos, June 30th, 2019

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