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China will win the trade wars but the real victory is the friends we make along the way

I love the Chinese mentality right now.  It could maybe make me sad that when I travel outside the United States, other world citizens will identify me alongside the ideologies of my President, but let’s just not talk about it.  The whole idea of nations is a flimsy social construct.  Some rules written on pieces of paper.  The only human fantasy worth associating with are the public markets.  If it weren’t for electronic futures, like if we re-enter the Cold War only this time everyone ignites their new bombs and these bombs knock electronic futures offline alongside all other computer stuff—hell I’ll take to trading alpacas and pirated diesel fuel.  I don’t care.

Put me anywhere and I will do my best to create a market in-and-around something.  “You want to buy? I have this for you today only, best price.  Oh, you meant to sell?  Let me know about how’d much you’re thinking to charge okay maybe I buy.”

China is playing long-term like thirty human generations out and we’re still trying to keep the baby boomers afloat.  My China correspondent, ROBERTO BREGANTE, informed me that this is the message being parroted by top executives from the Far East:

Chinese economy like sea, not a pond…when the storm comes the pond disappear, but when the storm leaves, the sea is calm and eternal.

Don’t bet against companies, religions, people, nations, who have proven an ability to think long-term and execute their vision.  Companies like Tesla and Google come to mind.  Religions like Scientology and Jehovah Witness.  People like Elon Musk or Genghis Khan.  No nation comes to mind.  It’s a flimsy construct.  But does any of this really matter?

No, not really.  The andromeda galaxy will collide with ours soon no matter how big any person or cognitive bias grows.

I suppose all that matters is enjoying your blip of time here on Spaceship Earth, taking a shot at intergalactic travel if you have the opportunity, and being kind.

That’s it, and remember, JUNE IS RAUL’S MONTH.

Raul Santos, June 9th, 2019

PS – still bullish


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  1. juice

    ” The whole idea of nations is a flimsy social construct. ”

    Does that translate to Raul being an open-bordersFAG?

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    • RAUL

      borders :::rolls eyes::: line on a map

      build anything you want along any border and I will find a way through it

      such is the life of a pirate


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    • Raul3

      I suppose I encourage ‘closed borders’, because it makes the simulation more interesting.

      Open borders means less pirate work. Sad gyarr.

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      • juice

        Open borders are the latest & greatest way of higher profit margins for the richest of the rich with trickle-down implications for the others higher on the scrotem pole than the newest and most desperate entrants to our nation. The first such endeavor for the USofA was called slavery when we plucked unlucky Africans from their lives across the Atlantic to pick cotton and do other chores for barely a meal and a shack with dirt floors because cheap AF Amercians didn’t want to pay their neighbors a fair wage and eat into their profits. Same shit still going on today which is why Trump won.

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