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Bears owned May, maybe now we make to kill the bears

How very nice of May to end on a Friday, capping off the quarter very cleanly.

Bears really cut loose on equities last week after sort of just playing with their food for most of the month.

The model lads, the one that guides every decision I make, is signalling BUNKER BUSTER.  This signal calls for an acceleration to the downside followed by a sharp formation of an excess low—a low that holds for many many weeks.

This one maybe hold for all of June, once it comes.

The last set of Bunker Busters hit on 12/9 and 12/23 of 2018.  I think we all remember how that played out ::insert gif of The Rock rolling eyes::

I made a promise to myself that I would not attempt to trade the Bunker Buster after the last one was too darn stressful.  Instead I will begin an accumulation campaign that will likely continue throughout the entire month of June.

Starting with the rebalance of my motif quant and an allotment to that scheme.  Also I will likely buy more of the best companies: TSLA, TWTR, WMT, MTCH first then maybe dribble down to AMZN and GOOGL if I’m not completely cash poor.

People talk about their fad diets and how they’ve sheathed off 20 pounds in a flash.  I find it vile and impulsive.  If you want to be lean buy five to twenty acres of land and work it until your legs give out.  Pair that with a commitment to long term investment strategies and you have the recipe for starvation and nice, tight muscles.

I came into the end of Q1 real lean.  I’ve grinded through Q2 on a war path. And now it is June, and everyone knows June is RAUL’S MONTH.

Raul Santos, June 2nd, 2019

Exodus members, the 237th edition of Strategy Session is live.  This is a key report make sure you give it a read.


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