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There’s something happening and it has me sharking

Summer officially hit the north last Thursday.  It greeted us with a sunrise thunderstorm featuring long and ominous rumbles interspersed by quick flashes of light that would make a more primitive man think he’d upset the gods.

I’ve spent part of the Memorial weekend taking a walk through the underbelly of Detroit, dancing with the freaks and outcasts in a swampy pit underneath the train tracks.  I’ve seen real happiness, and much to the surprise of most, it doesn’t require exchanging little green pieces of paper for shiny things.  Often, at least here, it can be achieved by listening to loud, repetitive music that sounds quite like an assembly line.

It has always seemed like robotics have a way of hypnotizing man.  They offer relief from monotony, but at what price?  Less and less ‘work’ to sustain is done by hand, and we’re left with a growing population of disenfranchised shitposters lingering around on Facebook and 4chan sharing racist memes.  These people need to be kept busy, hypnotized, sat in front of a machine for eight hours (with a one hour union break) then sent to a home where nature is constantly attempting to overtake them.

The suburban yard is a menacing beast if left untamed.  The bloody grass can grow nearly a foot a week and since none of us keep livestock, this property is a useless and high maintenence ornament.

There’s a subculture taking shape right now in Detroit, in areas still forgotten by the financiers and their banker money.  A place where nobody is plopping ‘modern’ condominiums. I hope these pirates manage to claim a decent chunk of property before its all made to look like suburban hell, what with the bleak strip malls and big box retailers.

The king of Detroit real estate had a stroke Sunday morning.  There is uncertainty in the air.  I do wish him health and safety and hope he makes a full recovery.  But the shark in me also senses change in the air.  If not an objective opportunist, then what good is it that I spend every day sharpening my speculative knife?  I intend to gain as much wealth as possible during my brief stay in this sack of mortal fluid on a rock orbiting an old star.  Real wealth.  Land. Machinery.  By means of capital gains and providing liquidity to the NASDAQ 100.

As for the markets, I expect buyers to engage early on then more chop into month-end.  Then it’s June, and as we all know, June is RAUL’S MONTH.

Now I am off to dance to loud repetitive techno beats for 12 hours.  Check out my instragram for some looks along the way @vincalim.

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