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Models remain bullish into option expiration

Yesterday I went to the funeral of a skate park in Detroit that was loved by kids in the neighborhood.  The basketball courts and skate ramps will be cleared to make way for another high-end condominium development.  I enjoy seeing the final flickers of my anarchic city sparkle away, especially when the youths start lighting things on fire.  A bittersweet finale to a different era.  Urban centers nationwide are undergoing a major transition.  If we love our neighborhoods then we need find a way to take back the land before another capricious development claims another corner.

Not much else for us to discuss heading into week three (option expiration) of the second quarter.  Earnings season is heating up; keep an eye on the futures Tuesday afternoon when both IBM and Netflix report.  In case you missed it, the new Our Planet on Netflix is beautiful, they even put David Attenborough on the track.  Basically Netflix produced a Planet Earth which is ballin’.

What else? What else…ah yes the models.  The models are bullish again lads.  Real bullish.  There are undercurrents of selling which have me cautious, but then there’s the semiconductor index back up at all-time highs.  The semiconductor index has lead the broad indices for the last few years.  So if semis are bullish, and the model is bullish, then I have to shelf those bearish undercurrents and keep pressing my longs.

Transitions, nature documentaries, bullish five day forecasts.  What do all these things have in common?

Nothing, and that’s fine, I just needed to unload what few thoughts were left in my otherwise pretty clear mind.


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