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Good to be back, model is bullish

I spent a good part of my work day updating my research.  It took longer than it needed to because a task tends to fill the space allotted to it.  The day before I left for a few weeks I managed to accomplish an impressive amount of tasks.  I tied up nearly every loose end in my life.  Why had those things sat, incomplete for so long?  Why was I able to wrap them *all* up in such a short period of time?

These are the things I wonder about.  I am time wealthy. Most of you are very time poor. Being on sound financial footing as a 33 year old without child, you must imagine I am surrounded by many people who are time poor.  Very successful people on paper, running successful businesses, bringing home millions of dollars per year who are very time poor based on their own choices.  Whatever.  Doesn’t matter.  Spending too much time on my stock market research has me worried.

Have I already started to drift back into my slow rut after weeks of roaming free?  The rut has its perks—it keeps me on the right path for trading.  But it also is hard to turn out of, if needed.

Sitting at the main control panel of Mothership for several hours today has been interesting.  My anatomy has changed a bit from two solid weeks of snowboarding.  It does not enjoy my old sitting posture.  These new muscles in my deep core demand stimulation, not this desk loafing atrophy.

I also sense a bit of hubris in my writing that makes me wonder if I will drift away from my trading system in a way that hurts me.

I suppose you don’t need to read through my internal awareness.  You’re hear for headstrong insight into the world of investing and trading.  The model, lads, it’s bullish.  It has sereved as a faithful guide since not avoiding the Q3 market correction.  It has been rock solid since then.  It is bullish.

Therefore I will take to the NASDAQ 100 come Tuesday, and I will be working any down gaps inside the prior day’s range closed with my buy orders.  I will be gunning for the overnight high AND range extension up sometime before lunchtime New York.  I will continue to press my long bets, especially the one’s I have been quietly placing inside Exodus that pertain to a certain eco-friendly industry group.

The only things that can stop me from working my plan are a dramatic negative reaction to the Fed minutes Wednesday afternoon, some sort of geopolitical catastrophe, or my own reckless ego.

Exodus members, of course I still love you.  The 222nd edition of Strategy Session is live.  Sorry to abandon you for a few weeks.  Hope you’ve all been holding up well. My abandonment is a perfect example of why you should develop your own systems.  One day your old pal won’t be around anymore.  Perhaps I’ll move to Wyomah and start herding alpaca.  Who knows.  Anything could happen.

bullish until otherwise stated

RAUL SANTOS, February 18th, 2o19

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