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Plagued by overconfidence

After penning my last entry I embarked on an hour-long drive up a country highway.  They’ve spent the last decade building this stretch of road.  It’s flat and smooth.  It was unseasonably warm and sunny so I starting thinking.  A starling murmuration gyrated above the road, and I remembered how I ended the first paragraph of my entry with ‘Hail Satan.’  What an absurd thing to write, on a Sunday no less.

I have a strange way of coping with things like death or taxes or insurance or organized religion.  Apparently I write shock blogs, worship billionaires, and praise the numeric output of algorithms.

At the core of these behaviors my intentions are pure—to extract as many US dollars as possible from the financial complex whilst keeping a trader blog which conveys and demonstrates real-time, for all the world to see, the mindset that allows a person to consistently engage markets in a repeatable matter to produce consistent results

The blogging is somewhat self-serving, just like weight training.  It serves as a sick kind of mirror I use to find and suss out any odd goblins hiding in my psyche.  I hope it adds value for the reader who is struggling to refine their own mental gymnastic skills and learn to trade.

Near the end of my drive a starling torpedoed just above my windshield that was apparently playing some high speed game of chicken with my car.  I came back to the present and realized how my recent trading performance, while only minorly tweaked, had produced serendipitous returns and that they appeared to have gone to my head, turning me into some kind of overly aggressive rage blogger.  The last thing I want is for that to spill over into my trading or day-to-day behavior.  Sick kind of mirror blogging is.

I apologize for my last blog and acknowledge that it made some dumb claims.  Foremost, asserting that science caused Christianity to shatter.  Christianity shattered into a thousand pieces certainly more so due to the rebellious protestants of Germany.  Science played a lesser role in dissolving the sadistic claim to control the outcome of all mortal souls made by Roman Catholicism.  Not that any of it matters.  The end of one dragon created a thousand more or something.  Again, I don’t know about these things except that I don’t think they really matter to me.  I am simply tasked with earning enough income to relive me of any obligation to an employer or master and being kind to all earth’s inhabitants.

To all earth’s inhabitants.  That includes the political evangelists from the south.  So I am sorry.  I feel bad about the crazy things I’ve written today and many more times in the past, and I will be taking a hard stance against writing that kind of guff again.

I am going to spend the rest of this warm winter day pulling weeds.

mahalo, namaste, and amen

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