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Weekend research complete, I’m pretty bullish

Perseverance is my theme into year-end.  I never like to look too far out.  On Sunday, I create a forecast for the upcoming trading week.  Then every morning I establish my plan for the upcoming day, and two alternative scenarios to choose from if the market proves me wrong.  The morning plan is usually complete by noon.  Then the afternoon creates more information.  The next day we make a new plan, and so on.

My brain is wired differently for investing.  I took selling off the table.  Investment accounts do not sell.  Ever.  These accounts just accumulate quarterly with the belief that people are good and humanity is on a long-term bullish trajectory.

With all that being said, going into a very clean calendar style month-end, and with some nudges from my most trusted algorithms, I am bullish until Wednesday 11:30am when Jerome Powell is scheduled to speak in New York.  After I see the market react to his words, I will have my bias until the Thursday at 2pm when the FOMC releases minutes from their last meeting.  Then after observing this reaction I will have my bias into week’s end.

One foot in front of the other gets you where you’re going.

What I have demonstrated over the years on this most unholy blog is how I persevere as a trader.  Trading is simple, but it certainly is not easy.  It is a tough gig, emotionally, featuring bouts of over confidence followed by the uncertainly of a draw down.  Long term patience. Short term urgency.

Keep your equity and expectancy curves trending long-term higher and trust your discipline.

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