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Monday morning the battle for domination of quarter-end begins

Greetings lads,

The floods keep coming.  Climate change is affecting large migrations of insects and mammals around the world.  Drought forces humans in South America to abandon their homes and head north in the quest for water—a resource so abundant to the United States that we allow the Swiss to pump millions of gallons of it into plastic bottles and sell it back to us.  Water—a force so ubiquitous it lies waiting to consume our shores and riverbanks at a moments notice.

Storms are becoming more fierce.  You can deny the facts if you want.  But it is only a matter of time before three of these hurricanes combine and collide with a nor’easter to create something that wipes out a good chunk of land.

Pigs are excellent swimmers.  Yet they died by the millions in North and South Carolina when Florence swelled up.  This is shady.  Were the intelligent animals abandoned in their enclosures?  The cement floored factories they spent their entire lives in, never feeling the sun on their back?  Then there are the chickens.  So many dead chickens.  These animals have central nervous systems just like us.  Drowning is supposedly a painful way to cease existing inside a flesh sack.  The gross negligence of these animals is a crime that will never be punished beyond economic loss.

Then there are the swine cesspools flooding into waterways and onto farmland.  Despicable consequences of the industrial meat complex.

We do not have to fuel this evil.  We can raise our own livestock or buy from a local producer.  Or become a vegetarian.

In any case, it is still our job to extract as many US dollars from the electronic trading markets as possible.  Said funds shall be used to secure land as far north as our constitutions will allow.   Then to develop the land—building solar powered water pumps and filtration systems, building a wall–too keep the local hill people from invading.  Then working the land to a point where it can support you should the thin thread that holds society together ever come unraveled.

The IndexModel is offering little guidance into the upcoming week.  We’ll have to improvize.  Less is more when we lack an IndexModel edge.  The best opportunity to extract fiat US dollars from the exchange comes Wednesday at 2pm New York when the US Federal Reserve announces whether they will lift their benchmark borrowing rate.  The gambling halls in Chicago are currently placing a 93.8% probability that rates will stay unchanged at 2.25%, a rate that encourages expansion by any stretch of the imagination.  Should they unexpectedly lift rates to 2.5% we are likely to see a big move.  But even if they don’t (they won’t) we are likely to see a strong ekg pulse of activity strike the market at 1400 New York time.  The third reaction to this pulse will likely drive market direction into the second half of the week.

This is the last week of Q3 already.  Last week was choppy and dangerous.  The trend down Monday was never tested below.  This would have burned me, had I traded the week.  But alas, my plan to sit in the woods instead worked out.

Things tend to work out for me.

And I hope they work out for you as well.  It comes down to control and discipline.  If you’re having doubts or negative emotions related to your trading, like feeling freaked out every time you take a trade, there is likely a kernal of information in that emotion.  It would behoove you not to ignore that feeling.  Explore it.  See what its origins are. Recheck your plan and make sure it makes sense.  Does it?  Then stick with it.  The worst slumps often occur when you’re beating yourself up and overworking.  Try sleeping instead.  The mind often continues to work while you sleep—solving things.

But only if you allow it.

In summary, the world is in trouble but we’re going to be okay.  Kindness is almost always the solution.  Fed announcement is the best trading opportunity of the week and feelings are useful.

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    Well put, sir

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    As always, excellent

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  3. juice

    true dat however the real #1 cause of the human-induced change in the climate is rarely if ever mentioned and it’s so obvious from the phrase ‘human-induced’. IOW since humans can influence the climate, too many of them can influence it even more. —-> OVERPOPULATION is the #1 cause.


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