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Index model neutral,quant update to push through Monday

It’s funny how time keeps going by.  Here we are 26 weeks further down the line.   Exodus strategy session number 189.

Things are different this time.

At least that is what we need to tell ourselves.  Then we can pick up where we left off, push a little harder on the flywheel hoping it spins longer than last time.

26 weeks later and it’s July 1st.  The Julian midpoint of 2018, off by a few human hours give-or-take.  A good time to decide where I’ll commit my finite supply of time and liquidity.

TIME AND LIQUIDITY.  The currency of freedom.

I have two ways of picking stocks to own. One is quant driven and adjusts quarterly.  I am beta.  Exodus is alpha.  I merely service the robot while it scans human interactions and learns.  Anyway here are the latest picks:

This piece of the quant looks at 6-month returns then weights into the best stocks from the best performing sectors, adding a high shot float kicker where possible.  Here’s how the thing played out during its first trip around the sun. Look at all that alpha:

Next matter of business.  The index model is neutral for a second week.  We are celebrating Independence Day Wednesday.  The markets close early Tuesday.  The algos whisper about a drift higher into the holiday.  Then it could be time for sellers to press again.  Hard to say.  Definitely a holiday week.  Less is more.

Time keeps going by.  The process keeps me from wandering off the path.

Thank you everyone for the nice words of encouragement on my last entry.  I appreciate it very much thank you.  May everyone’s holiday week be refreshing to the mind and body, and may you have ease of being as we head into peak summer heat.

Exodus members, the 189th Strategy Session is live.  Check out the context in Section IV we have a clear ‘tell’ heading into the week.

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