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Tech Insider Jumps The Gun, Calls Chinese Funded Faraday #FF91 Car ‘Tesla Rival’

Tech Insider had a front row seat at the unveiling of the FF 91, an electric car slated as the first production car for Faraday Future, which is a car company named after a scientist.

Wow, cool idea, to name a car company after a scientist.

Faraday was a bad ass scientist, don’t get me wrong.  It’s just that the whole idea of some global enterprise, funded by the Chinese, desperately trying to usurp Tesla Motors via poached talent and technology feels very Alibaba.

And along those lines—you get what you pay for.

The FF 91 presentation was an abomination.  Within the first minute they identified themselves as having the feel of a ‘silicon valley startup’.  Radical, so your company is teaming with over-entitled libtards with dumb names like Culture or Braxtynn?

Next, look at these presenters.  Where’s the sex appeal?  It’s gotta be sexy.  Hips and nips, otherwise you don’t eat.  Clearly they don’t understand the concept of a dog and pony show.  This will hinder their ability to be a ‘Tesla rival’ bigly.

Perhaps imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but don’t move on the GIGAFACTORY like a bitch.  Trying to build an electric car plant in Tesla’s back yard, and failing, is grounds for a roast.

Finally, there are 12 FF 91 production cars.

There is nothing wrong with the spirit of competition.  And to be frank, we’re all rooting for Faraday to rise to the ranks of Tesla rival.  But it will be difficult as an adolescent Silicon Valley drama-fest.  What Faraday lacks is clear.

They lack, a Leader.



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    Chinese quality.

    Those two words together sound foreign.

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  2. superpositron

    This post is a bit too cynical. Tesla might be the first with an evil genius CEO but they wont be the only smart bunch of people getting together making awesome EVs. Who cares if they have chinese money? Its still Made in Murica. Who cares that their presentation is thexy. Its got content.

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  3. en1gma

    It’s the Chinese car version of the iPhone. It even has the iPhone unlock button on the hood.

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