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The Summer Rotation Is Underway

Nobody wants to own commodities anymore. They don’t want equities either—you can’t blow a 4 foot hole in a humvee with a stock. The only thing worth owning during “markets in crisis” is a doomsday shelter. Also, for whatever reason, REITS, lots and lots of REITS.

If you even remotely paid attention to the Exodus algorithms these last 3 weeks, you were very diligently instructed to prepare for a rotation into REITs. It was literally the least sexy thing you could do. Let’s be honest—men are hideous mammals and our only appeal is stability. And what is stability?

Money and biceps.

Do I care if my DOC position sees a 15% capital appreciation? No, it just needs to pay me a dividend.

My book is otherwise completely ablaze, down nearly 2% despite being over 20% cash. This is the knife of owning beta. The market has unfinished business lower. It is better we take care of it sooner, rather than later. Pull the duct tape off in one rip, not a series of little peels, for fucked sake.

By the way, Fly added something a little different to this month’s site features.  You can email me [email protected] for a snapshot of your favorite stock’s overbought/oversold levels.  If you’re even considering buying today’s blood, do yourself a favor and find out if the bastard ticker is flagged by our super computers.

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  1. matt_bear

    lol @ money and biceps. the kind of stability that turns breakfast in bed into breakfast ‘n head.

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