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Find Time To Take This Offer

You may know by now that I am really into Exodus. PPT was great, but the second I laid eyes on Exodus and saw how intuitive it was, I knew it would help more people become more objective about their investing and trading decisions.

What I like best about the market intelligence suite is how it empowers members to make objective decisions using data. With all the tools available inside Exodus, my goal is to listen to members and understand which features are most useful for their approach. This is an important part of the 1-on-1 tours I do each day.

We are opening the software up tomorrow-thru-Sunday for free trials. Email me [email protected] if you are interested. More important, set up a tour with me before Friday so you know what features are most valuable to you.

Added bonus—each Sunday the Exodus Strategy Session is published. It recaps the prior week’s action, builds context, provides actionable long and short ideas, and more. You’ll be able to read this week’s report and peruse the archive of prior reports.

I know it’s officially summer and you’d rather be drinking a Zima by the pool, but listen to me—your purse could be swelling while others are sweating. Use this weekend to improve your market acumen.

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