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First We Cover A Few Scenarios

Nasdaq futures are lower as we head into option/contract expiration week. The session opened gap down, a somewhat uncommon occurrence, and then spent the rest of the session trading in a normal 20 point range on somewhat normal volume. Volume analysis is a bit buggy right now as some volume is still trading on the June contract while most has rolled onward to the September contract.

The economic calendar has a few events today—at 9:15am Industrial/Manufacturing Production, at 10am the NAHB Housing Market Index, and at 4pm the Net Long-term/Total TIC Flows. However, attention will quickly shift to Wednesday afternoons Fed Rate Decision which is likely to be a high impact event regardless of the decision/verbiage. We are also still dealing with headline risk out of the Eurozone.

Last week we came into Monday gap down and proceeded to sell off for most of day and into Tuesday morning. By Tuesday afternoon, prices were off the lows and Wednesday featured a trend day up. After a brief continuation higher Thursday, equities rolled over and grinded lower into Friday’s closing bell.

Heading into today, my primary expectation is for sellers to push lower and work below 4405 to test the 4400 century mark. Look for sellers to target the NVPOC at 4405.50 then some churn at 4398 before continuing lower to test below last Tuesday’s low 4390.25.

Hypo 2, buyers push into the overnight inventory, take out overnight high 4437.25 to set up a gap fill trade to 4448.25. Look for responsive sellers to defend Friday’s range.

Hypo 3 churn, 2-way trade south of the overnight gap (4448.25) followed by liquidation in the afternoon.

Hypo 4 early push lower to NVPOC 4405.50 and sharp responsive buy up to close the gap at 4448.25 and continue higher.



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