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Lower Manhattan Explosion Puts Meerkat and Periscope To The Test


A fire broke out in the East Village this afternoon and again, I am not making light this event because it’s likely some people were hurt.

Everyone wants to look at a fire. It’s like a train wreck, humans just can’t turn away. It’s wired deep into our brains to watch these events unfold.

The fire effectively pinned live-streaming apps Meerkat and Periscope against one another.  If you recall, Periscope is Twitter’s most recent acquisition. I have an important announcement to make:

Periscope, you passed, barely. Do you know what your grade is? F+

The lack of search ability inside the Periscope app was frustrating on my iPhone. I had to keep going to my Twitter app to click links which would open inside the Periscope app, then they would either suck or be over. Then finding a new link inside Periscope was impossible.  So it was back to Twitter.

Am I embellishing this first world problem?  A bit, but a fussy user interface isn’t something mankind tolerates here in the future.

Meerkat worked a bit better for me in the moment.  When I finally was on a good Meerkat feed, @Lanceulanoff said he had 336 on his Meerkat and only 36 on his Periscope. His commentary was not rubbish like the other clown feeds I was stumbling into.  Overall though, I found the UI a bit more pleasant inside Periscope.  It had a little more elegance and a little less black and yellow.

AS FOR THE MARKETS. They’re dangling on the cusp here. Hopefully is sucks a bunch of bears in and squeezes them. That would be best case scenario for ‘this guy’.

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  1. mateo

    I don’t doubt it, but can you specify the exact moment we arrived here in the future? I’ve been trying to pinpoint it, actually.

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  2. matt_bear

    Great song. You know what it is.

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