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Why Are We Talking?


There’s a new president of the internet, the collective voice of the populace. Adored, respected, the Twitterati go about shaping the direction of global resources with succinct brevity. Therefore despite its heady valuation and premium pricing, it is without doubt I intend to hold equity in this company until it grows into its lanky body and sends share price much higher.

Smaller minds may start feeling ants crawling about their pants to book their gains. I have a whole new vision into stocks as of today. You see, I have been granted early access to Exodus. As a result my computing power has exponentially expanded, and my grasp of micro-drivers is becoming dangerously acute.

On the market front, as long as The [Kurt] Russell continues to comport itself like a leader, its behooves you to take a few steps up the risk ladder.

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  1. matt_bear

    i missed the short term train. Today is the day i lick wounds from my worthless expired March TWTR, GOOGL, and NFLX calls as I watch them all shoot the fucking moon.

    My saving grace is leap calls in homebuilders…and a little Zillow action.

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    • Raul3

      those fucks, seeing your wounds makes the case for buying 1-week out from monthly expiry, especially when we’re dealing with the quarterly quad witching b/s

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