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Milking The Drake Trade

Quite the transposition of events, recently, what with WhatsApp fetching a cool $19 billion and Olympics coming to an end.  Now a speculator who survived earning’s season must decide how they will make money for the next three months.

Pro tip: take it one day at a time, like an alcoholic.

Many of my positions are charging higher today.  This new high on the NASDAQ composite is acting like a real new high by causing our favorite hot money stocks to run aggressively.  It may be prudent to take some profits here, or even to look for an opportune short given the extended nature of the marketplace.

But with all the new money being blown on go-carts and quad racers in CHINA, who am I to scale profits in KNDI?  Here’s the KNDI kicker—they build electric cars, and electric cars are hot.  You know what isn’t hot?  Exposing yourself to the putrid smog of China.  They will make a strong push into electric cars, citing the smog, not realizing that most of the energy is coal generated.  Meanwhile, they will keep burning old mattresses out back of their shops, near the local water source.  Given the kickass manner in which new money behaves, I bought MORE SHARES of KNDI today.  It now represents my second largest equity position.

Meanwhile in the crisp air of CANADA buddy, their flagship phone company BLACKBERRY is being chopped into little bits of proprietary software and user interfaces which are being parlayed into new applications using OTHER peoples hardware.  Can you say, “that’s exactly what the Drake executives at BBRY need to focus on?”  Because it is.  And they are.  I am inclined to buy more, but the intrinsic value of my current holding is nearly 3x what I would hold in equity.  I will add on weakness, slowly, because I am in a position of strength.  AND I WILL NEED it, facing a strong competitor in delmur and his March Madness pick SZYM which had a nice look going into the tournament and is providing adequate chase to still win this week.

I also bought some HEMP.  This is added to my basket of degeneracy with PHOT and GRNH.

Other highlights on my day include CUDA.  With all the network compromise happening today, and the big push to a paperless internet existence, how aren’t you investing in security?  You should be, both in real life, and via an investment/trade.

I don’t own any Facebook because I was scared away by a viral youtube video.  There is some irony baked into this, but I lack the sense of humor to locate it.

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  1. Raul3

    I bought some March calls in $ANGI too

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  2. Sooz

    a lot of Avon rides in that video..

    Go Drake!

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  3. Sooz

    ahh.. nice song choice via Fly..;)

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