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The Book of Disruption

Being young has its perks: strength, vitality, ease in courting, and lots of time to capitalize on disruption.  Disruption takes time because it must combat stubborn old folks, hell-bent on preserving their precious cash cows.

My book is a snapshot of the biggest disruptive forces right now.  Let’s have a look, shall we?

LO – electronic cigarettes, big tobacco

CREE & RVLT – LED lighting, 9 billion aging lamps

YELP – food and service review, Zagat and Google and traditional advertising

TSLA – electric cars and the supporting infrastructure, big auto

TWTR – I have no idea what twitter is, disruptive

AMBA – high definition cameras for cheap, expensive cameras and professional filmmakers

AMBA had a solid beat on earnings yesterday, but is getting the fade treatment today.  Just this morning I procured shares near the highs.  They are off a quick 4 percent.  The question is, do I care?  It is always a good time to buy a winner.  It will go lower.  I will take heat from folks on the internet, buy more at some sweet inflection point, and then ride into the sunset on the bucking bronco.  It is always a good time to buy a winner.

I am all in, 100% long for the time being.  There are other names—companies much less disruptive then the above who I hold as trading vehicles (cough cough solars) that compose the rest of my book.  But I am 16 longs, 0 shorts.  I have now made my bed atop a pendulum high on the upswing.  Can it levitate higher, or will I fall off when it swings lower?  TBD

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  1. David

    Do you have any solar, FSLR JASO YGE,,? If you have how high you expect they will get back, make new high or fib. retrace ? Appreciate your analyze.

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  2. UncleBuccs

    TWTR…lol! Disruptive for sure… Raul, you’re riding (on top) the stallions of the future..

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