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Choose Your Work Wisely

I lost my instrument controls around 1:30pm when my stealth assault system initiated self-destruct leaving me without a connection to the mother ship.  As a result, I was flying VFR throughout the afternoon with nothing more than an iPhone to monitor our environment.  This also meant I lost communication channels with the financial ninjas inside 12631.  Sometimes you have to just go with the flow and trust that your instincts can salvage any missteps while systems are down.

Given these conditions, I started the process of violently slashing twitter followers off my stream.  It is clear many of the people on the twitter are noise, a tad too esoteric, or downright villainous.  If you happen to find yourself on the receiving end of my draconian cuts and care to make a case for me to follow again please state your case.  Something tells me nobody cares.  And that is fine, because I only care for a few of you.

I am tired of talking my book.  It was green again today and I haven’t been tossed into a furnace in a while.  My positions had me up over 1.5 percent today but slowly faded as the day progressed. I ended up making 0.75 percent.  The force behind this move was likely indecision, and perhaps a touch of fear—fear can be an excellent motivator on the general population.

I find people are more irritable during this grey period between Thanksgiving and Santa.  I have to drive extra gregarious, else find myself victim to maniacal road rage encounters.  Perhaps it is because I live amongst the lower-middle class—a people who overspend and smoke and fatten their children with saturated potatoes then poison their minds with medicinal narcotics.  A hairy man went completely berserk the other day because I was following too closely. He swerved at my subcompact, repeatedly, until we met at the next light. I had to reach over and roll my window down. He was screaming at me, mostly in caveman talk, while his partner begged him not to get out of the car.

“Let me explain” I plead several times. He could not be reasoned with, instead he just shouted over my voice. I reached over and rolled the window up then offered him a solomon middle finger.

Life is much better when I do not think of others; therefore I will cease said thoughts immediately.

I have about 50 good years left in me and I want to work for most of them.  Therefore I must find a work I love.  Talking to nefarious internet folk and banking coin alongside them is a joy.  I will continue trading on the internets.  However the corporate model has worn me thin.  My mind grows tired of the monotony and boredom is the truest form of depression.  I will never succumb, no matter how many contrails are dumped on my person.  Instead it is time to take a leap of faith.

The joy of the New Year is almost upon us.  Who wants to make some life changing moves?

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  1. belzile

    Keep challenge yourself in all aspects of your life. I myself left the corporate security of the banking world to join the underground rank of a family office. I will never regret this move. As for twitter: leaner the better.

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  2. Raul3

    Awesome, keep up the good work my friend

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  3. Raul3

    I was so off my game yesterday, I hate Fortunate Song after GM used it in the ads, I meant to put Born on The Bayou.

    I leave my blemish as a mark of shame

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