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We’ve had good fun poking the stupidity of Morgan Stanley in their downgrade of AMBA this month. We banked some nice coin along the way.  The recent leg up in our aging index rally has been mostly to the benefit of old men and their mega cap stocks.  The snoozers, if you will.  We participated where appropriate, riding LO and PPC, but to be honest I could have held less crack rock and more bourbon and cigars, the preferred vice of old men.

But today we saw the speculative juices begin to sizzle.  Today we had WUBA pulling out the tits, Emily Ratajkowski style.  Today was for the brazen and the bold, with social media saying, “not.just.yet my friend.”  So my portfolio finally caught a decent boost.

I think there is more in store and I implore iBankCoin readers to get in line at the feeders: names like GRPN, Z, FB, TWTR, and TRIP.  Pay special attention to TRIP as it appears poised to rip.

I am 95% long and low on cash.  I had to sell PPC today to buy Zillow.  I have so much money tied up in LEDs right now and they are not doing a thing, except for bleeding me modestly.  This industry is ice cold, yet I love it.  What is an intermediate term speculator to do?

We caught the Apple breakout yesterday via 12631 service.

Top picks into the turkey: GOGO, YELP, and Z.

I have huge positions in CREE and BALT, yet I do not mention them as top picks.  Hmm…they need to DO SOMETHING.

PS I pretty much spoon fed this NASDAQ rally to you this morning

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  1. heisenberg

    great post Raul, thanks

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  2. David

    I’m in YELP for a few weeks now, means under water, still LONG !! What do you think SCTY here? I’m in also. Do you still long TSLA?

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    • Raul3

      David, get cozy w YELP, if you have time on your side you will be made whole. I like SCTY right here, but not too much higher, and hell yes I am still in TSLA, -18% currently but ready to increase exposure.

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