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Beware The Polar Bear Hunters

This is your monthly reminder that institutions want your best Wall Street shares.  The stock market is like a massive game of Monopoly and some of the finest properties include social media stocks.

You bought their hype and they know it.  Now they are pressing their knee into your back while you lay face down on the cold concrete.  You have just been polar bear’ed by Morgan Stanley banksters.

I am merely an opportunist.  Their actions disgust me no doubt, but I simply ride the tidal currents.  After spending several days in Chicago using YELP to find many wonderful meals and mixology labs, I greet today’s blood bath with a warm embrace.  I am the hobo, pretending to pray on the street corner, in an earnest attempt to snatch your purse.

Morgan Stanley is the reckless teen, cold cocking you from behind.

Who is the villain here?

I bought a bunch of YELP this morning.

I bought some BALT too.

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  1. Sooz

    not doing too much, out and about all morning, but did add to TWTR here:
    Filled at $38.8887

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  2. Raul3

    that gltich mob is the noise right there, love it

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