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The Elusive Momentum Pocket

If you do your web research and talk with locals, you can spot the elusive snow owl here in Michigan.  The majestic creature is a treat to see with your own eyes, even if only from a distance.

Now deer on the other hand, hell I can get you ten deer this weekend whist drinking canned beer.

About a month ago, momentum trading was like deer hunting.  Until these precarious, tight rope-esque conditions in the indices resolve we are hunting snow owls…which has to be illegal.

Using our holistic knowledge of the marketplace, the team at iBankCoin has put you in a position to capture the ever elusive momentum.  Put much brasher, ONVO saved my ass today.

The rest of my book either did nothing in a very horrifying manner, or poked holes in my organs by trading aggressively lower.  I cut my net WLT long today and booked the big winner.  I wanted $20 yesterday.  I sold it lower today but overall this trade was a great success.

I still have this garbage IMMR stock.  I hate dead money and this has been the biggest waste of time ever.  This turd needs to just die so I can cut my loss.  Somebody put ole’ Raul out of his misery on this one.  It’s a small position and I refuse to cut it until this senseless range concludes.

TSLA dropped 15% today and nobody panicked.  It would be nice to see some panic.  Perhaps Citron will shout fire in the auditorium and bless us with some panic top get the herd spooked.  What a stock, I want it lower.

The /NQ traded out of my element a bit today, but I managed to extract a few wins and end in the green.  Consistency is getting very nice in this department.

CREE dumped into the bell but I suppose such is the life of a stock/industry that is out of style.  RVLT reports Friday and could rejuvenate the space.

Of all the stocks in the universe, I put my WLT money into NBG.  I feel dumb even writing it.  I bought more GOGO too, which also seems dumb given they report Monday BMO.

I need to work on being more patient during these ranges instead of constantly jostling my portfolio around.  This is what the market has made me into though as momentum becomes increasingly rare.

I went out 90% long.  Be safe friends.

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  1. tardman_mcmantard

    Nice post Raulski. I too sold my WLT today for a gain, but it still sucked. Been thinking about buying GOGO before the earnings call as well.

    What do you think about ARUN? Looks like a nice volume pocket sitting right above it…

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  2. Raul3

    Don’t do it T baby, I’ll take a look at ARUN tomm

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    • tardman_mcmantard

      Yeah I think I’m going to pass on GOGO considering how the market is trading today. Bad times.

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  3. heisenberg

    you dont like GOGO’s prospects before earnings?

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