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Surrender Your $CREE Shares

Nothing CREE is doing has me frustrated with the company.  I think their team is making solid decisions and I think their decisions are driving market adoption of LED lighting technology.  They truly are the ambassador of LED technology and I think that theme will become more evident over the next few quarters.

They are doing all the legwork to bolster the entire industry higher.  Are they doing it because they are nice guys?  No, they want to make money and the business has a solid margin on their rapidly growing lighting segment.

I still consider the retrofitting of traditional fixtures and bulbs to LED lighting as the greatest business opportunity of my lifetime.  And I have LOTS of lifetime left.  I have nothing but lifetime old chaps, and I intend to make a fortune during it on the backs of industrious men like the leaders of CREE.

I have loosely defined my plan for accumulating CREE.  I really do hope to buy the 99 week exponential moving average.  I intend to buy back in slowly.  See that double top?  That is people like me, but of course with much less conviction, getting high on hopium then Mike Tyson knocked the hell out twice in one year.  They’re on the mat and may not get back up.

Let them die, then feast on their carcasses.

Below my current plan is a throwback to last quarter’s plan of attack.  I succeeded then.  I look forward to doing so again.



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  1. belzile

    Cant wait for your next move. Good battle plan.

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