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Better Suited for Robots

The index futures are trading all over the place, and I find myself trading well in the morning only to give back my gains come the afternoon.  I brought Elroi over to the /NQ with me this week because I need to keep my eye on the jackass in case he does something stupid—which he does from time to time because my coding skills are a bit…meh.

My algo loved today and had its best day ever.  However I sullied all of my morning discretionary profits and much of Elroi’s algorithmic profits by flip flopping in the chop.  80% of my trading errors occur when the market churns.  My exponential moving averages converge, my Keltner channel goes sideways, and price chops at like 1000 miles per hour.  And I go, “shorts have this, SELL SHORT on the breakdown.  OH FUCK it’s a fake out, COVER, here come the longs, FUCKIN’ BUY’EM UP, SLAAAMMMMM, back down.”  I used to do this a good 4 or five times before I snapped out of my insanity.  Now it takes two bad trades for me to realize I am a jackass and sit on my hands.

The problem is the market did that to me twice this afternoon.  Lol, I am leaving that sentence because it speaks volumes to my mistake.  The market did nothing to me, I only did these things to myself.  I review these conditions all the times.  I know to stay away.  In the morning, I do.  In the afternoon I loosen my focus a bit.  I will go through my trades and verify this tendency but I smell a “no afternoon” rule brewing up.


Here are Elroi’s trades:


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