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Whoa Nelly

After I sold MHR and VIPS it felt good to book the ten digit gains, and it made sense with my trading plan, but I suspected my mind had gotten in the way almost immediately.  But being overly concerned with booking gains would just jumble my mind further, so I jumped back into the waters looking for my next meal…essentially.

USO, perfect, full size

Bullet point reasoning:

  • “I’m an oil man”
  • USO moves slow like sludge
  • All my mind wanted was crack stocks
  • Was sitting on multi-month support, chillin’
  • An esteemed 12631 member and I discussed and agreed it had a good look

Two of those reasons pertain to how juiced up I was coming off of yesterday.  iBC Chief Market Strategist “The Fly”, the brains of this whole outfit, eased up and I felt overconfident.  Then I missed an entry I really wanted on ONVO.  Then I made an earnest attempt to punch a hole in a solid wood security door after storming away from my desk.

Yeah…it was like, cool out hot head.

So I stopped trading.  I stopped watching the market mostly, too.  There’s over 30% cash in my books and no doubt that I can’t trade my way through a deeper pullback.

Completely aside, the burning Tesla Youtube video has the stink of fabrication.  I have no intention of proving it.  But if all news is fake then so is this spoof video.  Well done.

All news is fake.

Good night

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  1. Randad

    tell the fly to unblock me.I don’t remember even communicating with him/her

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  2. Randad

    I would love a straight down directional trade.I am so ready,tons of cash,only a few small positions to close out. do it,I command the market to do it, I AM Potus

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  3. TheHarper

    Great throwback song.

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