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Too Smooth

This is your Capitan speaking, the time is 5:01pm and we have touched down on the gap and the weekend.  The skies are sunny and I hope you enjoyed your flight.  I want to thank you for flying with us and hope you enjoy your stay.

It’s scotch thirty…

I let the instruments bring us in the weekend, flying IFR and letting the machines do most the work.  Speaking of machines, my jackass helper robot Elroi took one trade this week and it lost money.  I suspect he has been too busy courting the modified Siri to trade.  I intend to cut his binary unit off should this insolence continue.

We went on and on ad nauseum about the value area developing these last 36 hours and we formed the hypothesis that a move lower was in the cards but not to read too far into it beyond forming the proper boundaries of a quality auction.  Check out the final product, I call it Da Vinci’s brush:


I catapulted my book 7% higher this week and still managed to end the week with 18% cash in the hopper.  I made all of this alpha while the market dicked around and formed Da Vinci’s brush.  I dicked around inside that auction too—trading futures for better or for worse.  This week it was for worse. 

I struggle to follow rules because rules are structure and I enjoy living a fringe lifestyle.  But I am telling you as sure as I am sitting in this Herman Miller that rules form the foundation to good decision making.  I have good rules backed by 100s of computer hours and old school back testing—gifts bestowed upon my person by the gods of large numbers.  I need to stick by them and stop dicking around.  In short, I am spinning my wheels in the mud, again, trading futures.

In the meantime the in between time I go out and earn 3x my losses trading MHR.  I told you pimps there were pumps ahead for the explorers.  END is next, watch it rip next week.  As for YGE, in one way shape or form the fine scholars here at iBankCoin have rammed this ticker into your frontal lobe.  Hot damn I spanked it out of the park this week again, nailing a perfect entry, scaling off a third, and now letting the rest ride.  Target?  You should be asking about my target because entry is only half the battle.

Ten twenty five.

Today’s moves were to cut CLF early, cash in some MHR later, and buy more LO FTW. 

Is the government shutting down or something?  I just trade these charts.


Be well,



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