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As per the usual modus operandi (extra redundancy) I navigated today’s trade without media outlets like the teevee and with very little twitter exposure.  Instead the news came through the filter of a well curated group of elite traders in the 12631 trading room.   “No taper” they said, the exploding /ES and /6E charts told me the rest—risk rush on.

Reacting is a dangerous beast unless your reactions are decisions contemplated hours and days in advance from the war room (home office).  I took SKF off first, as I rehearsed in my mind last night.  Then I took a wish list of stocks and picked two: CLF and Z.  Zillow was an obvious buy because I love the company and housing will quickly become the catch up play as we dash to Xmas. CLF was a pure chart buy that could play catch up. Then I dove back into the big wave riding competition in the green lit halls of globex.  Futures good friends, I held my own with the big kahunas.

I’ve had 2k days on sessions like this.  Today was much more modest, but much less stressful and a hell of a lot more precise.  When November rolls around and I’m trading the size I want to deploy my scaling system, these will be 2k days again.  I ran before walking, fell quite a bit, decided to start walking, and soon I will run again.

6 trades: 5 long – 1 short, 6 winners.

Seeing as RBCN was my largest position going into today’s tape, yes, I did have a good day…thank you.  What would have made it only better but without it I still high watermarked would have been holding onto EXK which I regretfully cut this morning.  Regrets, I’ve had a few as Sinatra says.  It ripped the tits off and looks ready to continue ripping the tits off this week.  Now I feel like I am missing the action, therefore I am.  I will revisit the miners this weekend.

Oddly yet amusingly enough, RVLT paired up with IMMR, smoked entirely too much MJNA and enrolled in Clown College. Due to their heavy course load, 7 credit hours, they will be too busy to participate in this ramp up. They will instead focus on balloon animals, banana cream pies, and terrifying children.

The question that should be at the front of each of your minds is, “Is this euphoria?”  Because, I can tell you I feel a bit euphoric.  I will be breaking down the days leading up to this moment, all the blogs, all the behind the scenes homework, and psychoanalyzing this win ship to find repeatable strengths.

The work load only increases when you are winning, you must love the process as much (if not more) than the outcome.

Get some rest and come back early tomorrow, for today is only Wednesday.


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  1. RaginCajun

    Love the CLF & Z.

    Your CREE is also money.

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    • Raul3

      @RC approves, always a good sign.

      Yes reading class, I have a very large position in CREE too. Keep an eye

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  2. Sooz

    (Kryptonite might be trolling around with one hand whacking his little pin~dick..;))

    I did add to mm acct yesterday lifting cost avg to $2.37 on 15k shares here:
    09/18/2013 YOU BOUGHT
    Cash Shares: +5,000.000 Price: $2.52

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  3. Sooz

    oh hey..take a look at that..Kryptonite!

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