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Strength Overnight

The strength we saw in the S&P going into the close carried on into the early overnight session, pressing up to new highs after the market closed.  This serves as an interesting piece of context because it is very uncommon for a swing high to be made outside of regular trading hours.

The overnight profile is balanced and features a poor low at 1685.25 seen as a triple TPO down at the lows.  This area coincides with yesterday’s VPOC which was able to migrate above the most of the key reference points we discussed yesterday morning.

I’ll be watching for a push to new swing highs today, and I’ll also be closely watching support from 1681.25 – 1682 should we see some selling come into the market.  These levels look like solid support currently, so seeing them break would be significant.

Overall, the market looks pretty strong this AM, let’s see if it can carry through into RTH.  I’ve noted some scenarios and key levels on the following profile charts:


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  1. Sooz

    funniest thing you will listen to today..
    a dear friend just shared this link with me via FB:
    Very much needed the laugh after yesterday’s storm ripped through taking down very large limbs off three of my 150+ yr old maples..:(
    nothing like a little humor to cheer your day..


    (looks like a little twister action to me..very strong gales, dang. Many still without power)

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    • Raul3

      was a nasty one but what do you expect when it goes 60-90-60 right?

      That’s a good Lol for sure

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