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Week 1 Future Trading Performace

Well it was a modest week of making money, until today.  In two quick swooshes the market took back my gains and more resulting in a losing week.  In my defense and in the defense of my cycles, this was a rough week to get started for the following reasons:

1. Holiday shortened week

2. Wednesday never once pulled back

3. Thursday (yesterday) was a freakishly quiet, like five in one hundred occurance

4. Today was a news driven monster truck rally

What’s interesting to note is this week’s losses did not damage my ego whatsoever, where I normally feel a bit aloof and edgy.  I think it’s because I’m sticking to my well laid plans.  The laws of large numbers will kick in next week, and I should recapture most, if not all of these losses.

All that being said, I lost money my first week live trading Bossram Alpha.  It only had one losing week backtesting from March 1 – present…go figure.

Before commissions, Bossram lost $675.00 and Elroi, the jackass helper robot lost $25.00 aka outperformed me this week by losing less money.

As a result, 10k has nearly become nine.

With more screen time, days like these will be some of the best of the year.  For now, they’re modestly priced classes in humility and market skill.


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