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Close But No Cigar

I put some oomph behind the old saying because I rather enjoy the occasional cigar.  Whenever I have a thousand dollar day in the futures I go to the shop and pick up a few cigars.  Since starting in April, I’ve done this three times, which is pretty cool, considering my largest position is only three contracts.

But lately I want more cigars.  I know…it’s bad for my health, sure.  Perhaps it’s a summer thing: chilling poolside with a cold blonde ale and a warm blonde female, it’s nice.  So I’ve updated the requirements.  If I can go an entire week without deviating from my plan, then I earn a cigar.

That means if I do what I’m actually supposed to, eliminating the gut trades I LOVE TAKING which statistically speaking donate money back to the markets 67 percent of the time, I can smoke a cigar every weekend.  How vile is that statistic? Can you imagine being wrong that often?  Net-net they’re not profitable either, believe me.

I need to snap this caveman tendency.  Punching walls with my head doesn’t work.

Does anyone else subject themselves to such Pavlovian rewards? If yes, I’d love to hear them in the comments below.

Thanking you in advance,


PS How goddamn annoying is that closing salutation?


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  1. RaginCajun

    smoking one right now #factsonly

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  2. DJMarcus

    Hahah thanking you in advance…



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  3. BathSaltTrader

    My latest indulgence has been the realm of craft beer. Ipa’s, imperial stouts, barrel-aged sours. All wonderful and delicious but wreck havoc to the midsection. Always enjoy you’r posts Raul3, confused by the lack of activity in your comments section, but it is summertime…

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    • Raul3

      It is quite the undertaking to consume an Imperial Stout mid summer. That’s for Russians to drink when they’re holed up in the snow.

      IPAs I have little tolerance for.

      I like a good dunkel, sours can be good too.

      I’m really liking the blonde ales and some of the pilsners the folks up north are crafting.

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