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Don’t For One Second Forget it is Summer

Summer: when the women present their supple midriffs above skirts and now my new favorite, the high rise jean.  Of course, it takes a certain physique to pull this look off.  And as much as you think it’s skinny or curvy, it really all comes down to posture.

Summer: when the stock exchange stabs a cold knife in your back the moment you turn away.  There are distractions abound, like my internet crush, Chiara Ferragni.  Ladies, note the posture, stunning:


Today we printed a messed up looking candle on the SPY.  Big deal, right?  I mean every candle has been haggard.  But I don’t like the positioning of this one, going into earning’s season.  For all intents and purposes, earning’s season starts Friday, premarket.  That’s when we hear from WFC and JPM who will set the tone into Friday’s tape and the weekend.  It would be wise to focus on your risk profile into Friday’s trade.

We should get a sense of the front running during the week, we have our key levels above, any of which if accepted by the market would be a huge contextual point of reference.

Below, we have doji city…one bad day could very easily cut through all this nonsense.

So raise you vigilance this week, rank your positions, know your risk and targets and most important, work on your posture.

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