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They’re showing up more and more.  Look around.  Check out the latest municipal project in a town near you.  Keep an eye on the businesses that you consider innovative and on the cutting edge, the LEDs are coming.

As you know, I’ve made my bed with CREE.  I’ll ride this stock to zero if need be.  The stock is up 85 percent year-to-date.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you, bang the drum, and play along for the duration.

We’ve played around with some other names, diddling really, trading the pumps in RVLT and LEDS.  That’s all I’ve conjured the conviciton to do because I find the companies to be shit, for lack of a better word.  But I’m getting the craving to commit more capital to an intermediate term idea.

With that in mind, I would like to turn your attention to Aixtron, ticker AIXG.  There is a lot to like here, so we’ll go through the following bullet points then we’ll look at the lovely charts:

  1. They’re German
  2. They have Chinese factories or “Training Facilities”
  3. They have a sales office in California, where the gold is
  4. They have a sales office in Israel, where the Israelites live
  5. They don’t have a hovel website like other LED companies (cough, cough, LEDS)

All of that is nice, but you know what really matters most to me, the price charts.  Price is lining up on both the daily and weekly timeframes.  These foreign stocks trade awful intraday and often gap all over the place, but if you accept that, we’re looking at a nice risk entry.  This one also may be too thin for some of you bigger players.  Nevertheless, have a look:

aixg_daily_06172013 aixg_weekly_06172013

You have to give it risk to $15, but PPT members, have a look at the proprietary statistics…we may not see much opportunity lower.  Either way, a smaller position size until the position starts to work or offers better entry for a double down may be the best way to play this name.

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  1. Juice

    RVLT is another led-play but with a fairly easily managed stock chart

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  2. stockcats

    German company with sweatshops in China….definitely worth a look

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